Cushions and pillows are an essential part of home décor. They can instantly turn a simple sofa into a charismatic one, and an ordinary bed into a relaxing oasis. They not only add beauty but also add brightness and color to the place. One can use them to decorate a sofa, patio, outdoor or indoor swing, and the list goes on. These fluffy things let you sit and relax while you are reading a book or watching a movie.

Both modern cushions and the covers that compliment them are equally important when it comes to offering exemplary. Whether you are looking to elevate the soft furnishing or bring out bold patterns; here are the most bewitching cushion and pillow covers to represent a facet of your lifestyle.

Stipe It Out Pillow Cover

Giza Pillow

A pillow shaped cushion is excellent for snuggling when you are reading a book. Celebrated for the pyramids that evoke ivory casement, this cushion stays fluffy all day, every day. This geometric print pillow cover gives a nice contrast to the light-colored bedroom walls. Throw these cushions anywhere and wait for the compliments to ring in.

Nomadic Floor Cushion Cover

Dune Floor Cushion

Enlighten your home in the most desirable manner with this nomadic feel floor cushions. This style of modern cushion makes a formal living room instantly inviting. Easily able to blend with any décor, this tropical modern-day vibe cushion can be tossed onto any sofa for back support. The pattern follows geometric graphics that removes the “look but don’t touch” feeling.

Hiran Lumbar Pillow Cover

Hiran Lumbar Pillow

There is plenty of amusement to be found with these chanderi inspired cushion covers. The design makes up for the best modern cushions since it adds a sense of play to the rooms. The cosmopolitan cushion is a pared-back that has an envelope enclosure. The brass dragonfly charm on the cushion adds grace and class to its looks. These cushion covers will suit your home and taste while adding superior comfort in the mix.

Floral Cushion Cover

Floret Cushion

If your living room is unique and customized, it can be hard to find the cushion cover that fits perfectly. You can place this modern cushion on the light color sofa to change the entire look of your living room. With a relaxing vibe, this flowery print cushion cover will make your home as unique as you are. Always keep in mind that if the cushion cover is extra loose on the cushion, it might make the look of the cushion sappy and saggy. We recommend you check the dimensions before the purchase.

Amaras Bolster

Aamras Bolster

If bold colors are your choice, you should go for this mango shade cushion, which is captivating. It can be just the thing to take your patio from simple to classy! You cannot deny that this cushion is the perfect sofa and bed accessory. What makes this modern cushion different from others is its drawstring closure on either side. It lets you slip the filler in and out of easily. The bolster cushions are also known as sausage cushions. So, to tap into everyday glamour at easy, get this tropical bolster.

When it comes to modern cushions, there’s an endless option to choose from at different price points. From intricately pillow covers to modern cushion covers, Nicobar is the right place to fulfill all your home décor requirements. They are meticulously designed and stands par in quality. You can switch them around every season to get a refreshing look.