Marriage is the most sacred bond that can exist between a man and woman. The woman leaves her parents and lives with a man, who in turn prioritize her needs and put her above all. This kind of love exits between no one else but a couple who promise to be with each other till death does them apart. Just like after marriage the man has certain expectations from a woman with the way she handles the house, and other things relate to the boy’s family, similarly, soon to be married women also have some expectations. These expectations are not only in terms of behavior but also gifts. Women like to be pampered with gifts especially when she is about to get married. She wants to feel special, that only her would be can make her feel. The gifts can be of any type and range, all that matters is the emotion, the feel with which the gift is given to the soon to be married woman. Here are some of the ideas that will impress your girl and will make her feel special.

  1. Flowers: Flowers are the epitome of tenderness, and with the variants in colors of the flowers, every mood can be displayed. Therefore, flowers become the most popular choice to be given to the girl you love. The courtship period matters the most to the girls as they love to tell others about the way they are felt special by them would husband. Do not miss any Birthday’s, or special days that fall within the courtship period and make sure you do not bargain when you buy something! Girls like expensive things, so buying flowers online or large heart shaped bunch of red roses will always do the trick. Nevertheless, if the gifting is last minute, then you may arrange a large bunch of varied colors roses and present them with a wonderful ribbon, and an ‘I Love You’ message. The message will do wonders and will make the lady blush with love.
  2. Chocolates: Even though girls might refrain from eating something sweet, they just can’t resist chocolates. Yes, all women, mostly all love chocolates. Some like white chocolates, some of the them prefer chocolates with nuts, some like sweet milk chocolates and others prefer dark chocolates. The choice of chocolates, therefore differ from every individual. Once you get to know what your would-be prefer, go ahead and buy that and please her with a lovely packing of chocolates buying online that will certainly overwhelm your girl to be. These moments that are spent before marriage, are forever cherished and hence, make some great memories while gifting anything, even if it is a chocolate. To make you chocolates appear different, do pack them very well and use embellishments while you pack them. This way the chocolates not only taste great but look stupendous too.
  3. A Slogan T-Shirt: If you are the shy types and are not able to say it aloud to her, even though you are engaged to her. Buy her a slogan T-shirt of her favorite color and please all her senses, from the eyes to the heart. The T-Shirt message must contain words that will please her, such as ‘Beautiful,’ ‘I Love you,’ ‘I am lucky to have you,’ ‘Perfect Match’ and many other attractive titles that will bring a spark in your to be girl. These memories will always prevail and stay in the hearts each time you will celebrate any special day after marriage. The nostalgic memories is also good in bringing back love in a relationship that becomes relatively old. However, the memories will always bring the lost love such that you will repeat some of the actions of the past and relive the moments. Make sure you buy a color that your girl likes, and you must know the size so that the T-Shirt fits her well.
  4. Candle Light Dinner: Time is the most precious thing a man can give to any girl, be it soon to be married or a married woman. So, take her away from all the marriage fuss to a place where she can thoroughly enjoy your company. A great wine, tasty food and witty sense of humor is something that turns on women easily. So, on this candle light dinner, be a charmer and impress her with your passionate love. You may also serenade her just like the English did and make her feel super special. A wonderful dinner with good music must also be accompanied with a small heart shaped cake.  The cake will just add to the good memories, and you will have instances to tell your friends. This is the best resort to show affection to your would-be girl when you have not been able to buy a gift for her, or you do not know her that well to understand her choice. This dinner date will also be the perfect time to help you know her in person, her preferences and her likes and dislikes. You may also share your deep secrets when alone in the company of your would-be partner.
  5. Jewelry: Jewelry is every woman’s first choice. If she gets something from her would be, this certainly has a very special effect on her, and she feels loved. When a woman feels loved she bestows upon the man everything she ever possessed. So, to experience her love, make sure you buy some jewelry for her. The price of the piece you buy is not important, as whatever you buy for her that is Direct Dil se, will anyway be cherished and admired. In fact, don’t be surprised if she flaunts the piece of jewelry on every occasion. But do keep buying relentlessly for her, on every occasion, so she keeps feeling loved. This will keep the spark between you two always alive. If the spark is alive, then all it needs is some ignition, your love will do that, and you will flow in the moment.