With the booming real estate industry, it is essential to have value for the property that you choose. Purchasing a house that needs minor repairs is one way of getting the ideal home at a fair cost. Knowing the price of the home improvement will help determine if you are paying more or less for the property. An individual buying a new home, and it is the first time, movoto.com, has the ideal house for every lifestyle.

Home Ownership

People from all walks of life and ages find satisfaction in owning a home. On the other hand, buying a property requires planning. It is why you will find couples taking a tour of the city to find the ideal home. Each kind of homeowner has a preference for the type of neighborhood that they want. It is vital to research a locality before purchasing a house. The background information of the area helps in knowing what to expect once you move into the area. Although you may not be ready to buy immediately, you will know what is on offer in the industry.

Steps in Assessment of a Potential House for Improvements

When investing in real estate, it is essential to consider the long-term return on investments. Houses that are priced low are likely to have lots of repair and maintenance works. Such places gain value after modifications to them. Investors are taking advantage of the technique to make money on an old property. Whether in the real estate business or buying for your needs, here are steps to follow;


Know where to start your search for a home. Start with your locality to compare prices and the trends in the area. Real estate agents can show you around since they know the locality and what is on the market. Search on the online platforms to find the model and prizes of houses on offer.

Create a cluster

Mark out the houses that fall below and within your price range. Identify different kinds of properties to keep your options wide since you are looking for your ideal home. Having at least five and more houses in a cluster, plan a visit to the places.

Home inspection

As you inspect the house, it is vital to utilize a professional for home inspections. Expert advice is what you need when calculating the costs of renovations. It will not take less than three hours to conduct a thorough review of the house. Paying the inspector costs less than inheriting a massive cost in repairs.


Analyze the report by the inspector critically to know the amount of work needed for the house. The report should include information on all aspects of the house from the foundation to roofing. Categorize the results from the most the least important of them. Come up with a quotation for the repairs and maintenance for every room. Include indirect costs such as inspector’s fees, insurance, taxes, transaction, and realtor fees.

Deal or no deal?

After calculating all the costs, one can now know if there will be any return on the home improvement investments. After considering the value of the house post-repair, compare the outcome to what you want to purchase. It is wise to consider the property with a wider margin.

8 Things to Consider

Below are items to consider when buying a house that will need renovation;

1. Period of vacancy

An abandoned building will likely need more repair and maintenance than a previously occupied house. A property that is unoccupied for ages will have most of the malfunctioning of the system. If the place had people, then the basic items will be okay.

2. Look beyond the First Impression

It is common for minor repairs to the surfaces in houses when they are on sale. The internal systems, such as electricity and plumbing, are likely to remain unattended. It is critical to look beyond the first impression of the paintwork and fittings. Going beyond the surface will unearth the real value of the house. The roof is always left unchecked, and you might find that it leaks once you have already settled in the place. It means that the costs of purchasing the home increases.

3. Survey the rooms

Visit all the rooms in the house to ascertain what you are looking at. Check out the basement for any leakages in the sewage system. Surveying the rooms determines the amount of space at your disposal.

4. Future renovations

When you know what you want in a home, it will be easy to choose what suits your lifestyle. Once you have purchased the house, renovations can start since you have the layout and design you want.

5. Return on Investments

Ensure that you undertake renovations that add value to the house. It is crucial, mostly when you will be selling the home in the future. When negotiating for a buying price, it is vital to get the best deal for the property. It ensures that the returns on investments are high in the future.

6. Timeline for Renovations

The time it takes to renovate the house may affect moving in. It is critical to avoid the long timelines that take more than three months. Whenever renovations take long, the homeowner incurs an extra cost for accommodation during the process.

7. Hire Experts

In every process of homeownership, it is essential to make use of professionals. Such personnel includes; real estate agent, attorney for legalities, and contractors for the home improvements.

8. Why go for a House that Needs Renovations?

Business people do not like houses that require renovations. They find it pricy and difficult to make lots of profit on the property. On the other hand, a typical homebuyer can take advantage of such kind of housing. Managing renovations to the house efficiently will significantly increase its value.


With the right vision and plan, houses for renovations are ideal for first-time homeowners. The works increase the market value of the property and it is profitable when selling it in the future.