Nothing can be more confusing than going shopping for lingerie. You are immediately faced with so many choices from fabric to style and color.

From designs to brands, all the way to fabrics. Fabrics are the very soul of the outfit, be it suits or jackets, skirts or shirts, down to lingerie.

Fabrics define how the outfit will eventually turn out, and if it would serve the exact purpose, you’re getting it for.

And when it comes down to lingerie, the importance of the fabric and design cannot be overstated. Soft and smooth comes to mind and frankly what is smoother than silk and what could be more elegant than a handcrafted luxurious lingerie piece?

Lingerie plays an Important role in a life of a woman no matter how continent and historical period are combined. As we live in them all day long, work to pleasure, it’s a relationship, we need to be compatible. Like in a marriage or while dreaming of the ideal man, there are prerequisites that the perfect lingerie has to own to be considered a match.

We’ve all heard the expression smooth as silk, which goes to show how smooth and comfortable they can be. Also silk is known for its classic, sensual, and romantic feel to it.No wonder it is the top choice when it comes to lingerie for women all over the world.

When you talk about silk lingerie, nothing looks more beautiful and elegant than a handmade silk lingerie garment. Knowing the hand craftsmanship that goes into the manufacturing of silk lingerie makes it all the more beautiful and treasured.

Handcrafted luxurious silk nightwear is beautiful and perfect for all ages.

Here are a few reasons why you should think of purchasing handcrafted luxurious silk lingerie when you step into the next boutique:


When it comes down to silk, you do not need to worry about allergies, as silk is made up of some of the most natural and human-friendly materials.

Handcrafted luxurious silk lingerie pieces are made up of long smooth fabric which gives it its super soft and velvety feel.

With handmade luxurious Silk lingerie there is no need whatsoever for chemicals, so if you suffer from allergies this fabric perfect for you.


Contrary to popular opinion, silk lasts way longer than you might believe. There’s a level of care in every stitch which gives the material the much-needed attention to enable it to last the test of time.

Silk is a lot stronger than other fabrics. A fiber of silk of the same diameter as a fiber of steel is stronger than steel.

Silk lingerie is easy to wash in cold water with mild soap. When following special care to your silk, it will last a long time.

Silk is naturally a material that was created to last way more than all it’s cheaper alternatives, for example, polyester satin and chiffon.

At first handcrafted luxurious silk lingerie’s might strike you as expensive but remember, on the long-run, it saves you a lot as it has the tendency to outlast the less expensive alternatives.


Experience, they say is the best teacher and that is the exact situation when wearing handcrafted silk lingerie.

Until you wear a handcrafted silk lingerie, you would never fully understand how comfortable it can be.

The feel of silk on the skin cannot be expressed with words; no other fabric comes close to feeling as luxurious as silk.

Remember, it is breathable so that you can stay cozy with your significant other in a silk lingerie piece.

Lastly, on how comfortable a handcrafted silk lingerie can be, you should know some silk can have a slightly elastic material, therefore making it a more comfortable, flexible and a sexy fit.

Spoil Yourself

When you want to spoil yourself a bit, nothing can give you that level of satisfaction as much as a handcrafted luxurious silk lingerie piece.

Simply put, handcrafted silk lingerie is luxurious. When luxury comes to mind, think silk and when you want to take that luxury feeling into the bedroom, go for a handcrafted lingerie garment.

The knowledge that you are putting on real handcrafted silk lingerie would not only make you feel special, it would also intensify how beautiful and sensual you look so you feel confident in any occasion.

Don’t forget it feels weightless, effortlessly sliding over your skin without any form of friction.

Another thing that gives handcrafted silk lingerie the edge is that both its front and back are made up of the same texture, which is soft, smooth and really cool to the touch.

Also, when you put on a silk garment, you would feel the difference on your skin, soft and smooth, unlike its lower-priced counterparts.


Everyone wants to feel sexy, everyone dreams of being attractive to that special person and most importantly, confident in yourself.

A well cut handcrafted luxurious silk lingerie could turn up the heat with your special someone 😉

Wearing a classy, elegant and sexy lingerie piece makes a woman celebrates her sensuality no matter her size or shape.

And that is exactly what handcrafted silk lingerie is aimed at, sensual, classy and elegant.



To summarize it all, handcrafted luxurious silk lingerie is perfect both for personal use and also as a gift to that special someone.

Treating yourself to handcrafted silk lingerie might just be the exact thing you need to add to your closet.

Treat your special lady like the queen she is with a handcrafted luxurious silk lingerie piece.

Remember being a woman is not all about what’s on the outside but feeling confident which will shine through. And handcrafted luxurious silk lingerie will do just that.


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My name is Marry, and I have been working and writing articles that are related to latest fashion and lingerie. With years of experience in this field, I have come across so many high-end brand`s lingerie and came to know that having a good quality of clothes is very important and must for every woman.