Advanced technology plays a vital role to make the trade show the best with the eye-catchy graphics and snazzy booths. Arduous audience attention, kiosk traffic and usage of latest technology are the must-have factors for ensuring the unforgettable and successful trade show booth at the industry event. The iPads have been using frequently in the trade show to make it more engaging for the audience over the last few years of this decade. Nowadays, iPads are used by most of the exhibitors in a creative way to grab the attention of the tech fanatics. It will give you the absolute control over the trade show by interacting with your brand using this little tool. Most of the booth guests love to use these tech tools that build the positive image of your brand into their mind. This article will give you the basic idea of creating effective planning for a successful trade show including some useful tips to attract visitors for an unforgettable trade show exhibition display and giveaways. Here are ten useful tips on creating an unforgettable trade show booth.

Stand out from the crowd:

A hundred retweets are more worthy than a snazzy picture. A visually exquisite trade show kiosk can stand out you from the crowd.

Inspire visitors to take photos and share them by thinking lively, flamboyant and gorgeous. You will definitely grab the attention of the audience and make the environment unique.


Giveaways are the ultimate attraction point for the attendees. But keep in mind, don’t give away items that are not visible and get threw in the garbage or hide in the pockets.  Make your brand visible throughout the exhibition and beyond. The best giveaways for trade show are the watches, bags, umbrellas, coffee cups and wristbands.

Active social media participation:

Social media is the essential part of our lives. Use the effectiveness of the social media for your in-person event i.e. trade show to make it best. Stay active on social media that will give you dual benefits that will connect you with the audiences and those who couldn’t attend this event.

Use trade show related hashtags that will make the process easy for the visitors to find your post. People can also discover you at the show that you also participate in this event.

Live demonstrations:

Live kiosk demonstrations can grab the attention of the audience. Most of the people want the live demonstrations of the industry’s experts because trade show is giving the visitors a forum where they can interact with the experts and the questions about advanced technologies. Visitors want to know the technology predictions and complex industry solutions and learn new things from the tech giants at the trade show.

Surveys and Quizzes:

Surveys and quizzes are the best ways to interact with your brand for the attendees. The iPad is the essential tool to show off your brand and filling out a survey. You can get the emails of the participants and use it for the promotion of your brand. You can also urge the visitors to take part in a quiz and chance to win an iPad.

Link iPad presentation to Big Screen:

Make your iPad presentation visually more captivating by connecting it with Apple flat-screen TV device at the trade show exhibition. It is the super effective way to present your brand and demos to kiosk visitors in just $ 99 with iPad rental agency in New York. If you want to play slideshow, multimedia, looping videos for your visitors, then Apple TV is the ideal option for you to grab the attention at the trade show exhibits.

Low-Cost Interactive Kiosks:

The iPads make responsive and low cast interactive booths. If you don’t know the meaning of responsive, it means the picture on the website that spontaneously redesigns itself to fit the screen size of the iPad or any other device. Develop a website in this way; you can have an interactive stall at the low price for the trade show exhibits. It can be modified from one trade show to other and appeal the visitors. The interactive kiosk can also contain lead capture forms which can be completed and submitted at the moment.

Create Captivating headlines:

The simple, easy and short headline can create a hype and grape the attention of those people who didn’t want to visit you at the trade show. Compelling headlines give the best passing glance to the audience and sometimes this is the only reason to visit you. Choose short words about your company for your trade show display. The short bold headline can be seen from many yards away, and it will increase the booth traffic. Even small table top can also bring a change.

Automated Marketing Tools:

We will also discuss the automated marketing tools for trade show exhibits with smart technology and how we can use it in the trade exhibition. These automated marketing tools are very helpful in creating automated email campaigns and detention of lead information. The iPad linked with your marketing automation tool is the fastest way to your salesperson in the booth when it comes to entering the information of the visitors. It happens when attendees visit your website and fill out your web form and submit this form on the spot.

Upgrade your Trade Show Outfit:

The best and useful tip to make your trade show booth memorable is by having the best dressing of booth attendees out of the rest. Wear Custom T-shirts with the printed brand logo or get mascot uniform or dressed as a fictional character that promotes a new brand.

With these ten useful tips using iPad’s and other tech tools in the trade show, we hope you find this beneficial and creative. Follow these tips that are discussed above to make any kiosk display more appealing at your next trade show exhibits. Let us know which tip you like the most tabletop display or floor display? Leave a comment below. Happy Trading! and don’t forget to share this in your circle.