Shutters are an important part of every home these days. Be it for functional reasons or for decorative purposes, shutters add a great look to your homes. The right shutters add beauty to your home and protects it from storms, rain, snow or extreme heat. Hurricanes or other storms can cause severe damage to the home interiors. High winds, heavy rains or flying debris in a storm can break the window glass pane and thereby affect the home. There comes the need for shutters that act as the first line of defense for your homes. Hurricane shutters are the best option to prevent your home from further damage. Especially if you are living in coastal areas, your home is prone to storms more often. The storms at times can be dangerous and lead to massive destruction.

What are hurricane shutters?

These types of shutters help to protect windows from winds, storms and heavy rainfall. The damage caused due to flying objects can be immense. It is very important to have a sturdy structure that keeps your home safe during this time. A broken window is the root behind damage inside the house. It can lead to severe destruction inside the house. Winds can gush in the house and lead to blowing off the house roof. This may lead to collapse of the house. Shutters to prevent hurricane can always act as a protective element to prevent that strong gush of wind coming in. Made of steel, aluminum or polycarbonate, the shutters add great visual appeal to your home. Most of the hurricane prone areas or areas that experience storms frequently are in utmost need of these shutters. Even if your home windows are sturdy, it is better to give your home the right security with these shutters.

What are the best hurricane shutters?

When you choose the shutters, you must be very careful with the material and style you choose. The shutters must also be installed in a proper way so that it can protect the entire home during storms. The type of shutters you choose depends on the following points.

  • The budget that you have fixed for the shutter installation

  • The level of protection that you need

  • The architectural style of your home

  • The time you can give for the shutter installation

For example, aluminum and polycarbonate storm shutters are the cheapest option but it requires a lot of labor to set up these types of shutters. Whereas Bahama and colonial shutters have an aesthetic appeal and requires minimal set up. Be careful and choose a durable material that would last a long time to protect your home. People choosing this type of shutter must be very careful and get the installation done from experts.

Types of shutters to install for preventing hurricanes

There are multiple options available to install for preventing your home from hurricane damage. Especially for hurricane prone area, the shutters are a must have for every home. Shutters can be installed manually before a storm comes in. You can also install shutters automatically with the help of a motorized system. The most common type of shutters for hurricane are the ones on a panel system. These can be installed on tracks or mounted directly on the windows. Apart from providing protection from hurricane, the shutters are the perfect energy saving shading.

Colonial shutters are also a great option to add to your home. Perfect for protecting your home, the shutters can be made of wood or aluminum. You can choose the material depending on the area where you live and the climate there.

One of the most popular names to protect your home from hurricanes is Bahama shutters. Giving a tropical feel, this type of shutters is also known as Island style shutters. It is a one-piece louvered shutter which attaches with the hinges directly above the window. The shutters can protect your home from tropical sun as well as act a protective shield for your home. It can add the right appeal to your home as well as keep intruders at bay. Most of the Caribbean style homes go for this type of shutters.

Another type of shutter rated as storm rated is Board and Batten shutters. The shutters give a traditional rustic touch to your home. The durability of aluminum is something that makes this a great option to protect your home from hurricanes.

Accordion shutters always feature an interlocking folding blade system that can protect your home from the damaging effects of hurricanes and keep intruders at bay. This type of shutters features an interlocking folding blade system to keep your home safe from the damaging effects of hurricanes. Ideal for covering large type of openings, the shutters are a good option to maintain privacy.

Rolling shutters are usually mounted and motorized to safeguard your home from hurricanes. You can also hide the shutters during the off season. These can roll out and back in like retractable awnings.

Why are the shutters important for your home?

For people looking for a significant amount of protection from driving rains, flying debris, damaging winds, the shutters are the right option. It is always better to secure your home from unwanted incidents like natural calamities. This can be possible with the addition of right shutters to protect your home from storms. Depending on your budget, you need to choose the right type that will change the overall look of your home. You can go for any style from the above-mentioned options and choose any material accordingly. You can go for contrasting colors or choose colors that match the overall look of your home. For people who want to create a unique and interesting look to your home, the shutters will suffice both the needs.

If you are looking for the right hurricane shutters to safeguard your home from hurricane damage, research and check the type of shutter your home needs. Go for a renowned shutter manufacturer who can help you get the right one. Do not try to install the shutter all by yourself. Go for experts who would fit in the shutters perfectly on the windows.