Long gone are the days when you needed an active TV subscription with a cable provider to enjoy watching Fox News live. With the entry of on-demand streaming services, consumers now have an enviable versatility and a humongous range of options when it comes live streaming their favorite shows without being a subscriber to any cable service.

It is even more interesting to note that with just an active connection to the internet, you have the freedom to stream your favorite shows from your favorite television networks from any location. It implies that is you want to catch your best anchors on Fox News; you don’t have to be physically present in front of your television set at home, thanks to online streaming services possible from a myriad of devices.

Here is a brief overview of some of the best ways to start enjoying Fox News live stream almost effortlessly:

Fox News Live on Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the best options to let you ditch your cable subscription and still have access to live channels from the leading broadcast networks, including Fox News live streams. Comparatively, it is affordable compared to similar services offering skinny bundles, and with a subscription of $25/month, you will get a total of 35 channels, including Fox from where you will be able to enjoy live streams. The basic package is the Sling Orange option available at just $25 per month, and it comes with a total of 22 channels, but without NBC and Fox channels, so it may not be the right choice if all your only concern is to watch Fox News.

Fox News on Hulu

Hulu is without a doubt one of the best on-demand streaming services available in the market today, and it is another option worth considering if you are looking for means to watch Fox News live stream. Other than the on-demand streaming service, it also offers a live TV streaming service ingeniously known as Hulu with Live TV.

Fox News Streams
Fox News Streams

This is a skinny bundle dedicated to making things simple for interested subscribers, and it features just one package, though you have the option of adding additional subscriptions to premiums channels such as HBO. With Hulu with Live TV, it is a take or leaves subscription available at just $39.99 per month, and it avails a variety of channels including Fox News. One admirable thing about Hulu with Live TV is that it has a one-week free trial period, during which you can cancel the subscription without paying a dime if you don’t like it.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is a renowned pay-tv provider and another port worth calling at if you are interested in watching Fox News live stream. Its skinny bundle options are available in different tiers of services, with the bigger packages coming at slightly expensive rates. If Fox News live stream is your major concern, then you will be well taken care of with the Live a Little skinny package available at $40 per month. With this, you don’t need any premium upgrades, but you can always upgrade to the larger packages should you feel like.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV has a greater appeal towards sports enthusiasts, but this should not make you disregard it when you want access to quality news reporting networks such as Fox News. In as much as many view it as a service suited for soccer fans, it has a whole range of channels which are completely not related to sports, including Fox News. For those interested in Fox News live stream, all you need is Fubo TV’s base package available at $44.99 per month.

You won’t just find Fox News alone, but also a range of other Fox properties, including a plethora of sports channels. The other thing worth mentioning about FuboTV is that new subscribers are offered a discounted rate on the first month, though they don’t offer any trial period like DirecTV Now and a few similar others. If you love sports and you are also a news junkie, then Fubo TV should be your natural choice if you desire more than just Fox News live stream.

Xfinity Live TV

Xfinity Live TV is relatively new, and it may not have the reputation of its forerunners in the live television streaming arena, but is another wonderful choice to satisfy your thirst for Fox News live stream. Xfinity Live TV offers over 200 channels with its out-of-home live streaming services, and these include Fox News as well as other Fox properties such as Fox Sports 1 & 2, Fox Business, and Fox Deporters. With both in and out of home live streaming options, Xfinity Live TV has got you covered, and you won’t have to miss your favorite shows simply because you are out of the house and away from your television set.

Fox News Live on Official Website

It is also possible to watch Fox New live stream from the official website from your laptop, smartphone, desktop or tablet. For you to do this, however, you will be required to download the official Fox News Go app and have an active connection to the internet. Additionally, you will need to have an active pay TV subscription whose details you will use to login into the official Fox Website before you can start enjoying the shows. With this option, you have the versatility to stay on top of all the news events real-time, irrespective of your location.

Fox News on illegal streaming sites

Finally, there are a plethora of illegal streaming websites from where you may be able to access Fox News live streams. A simple search in Google will reveal to you such websites, but great caution is advised if you are planning to travel this route. This is because most of such sites are never safe and the consequences of using them to access Fox News may be detrimental.

To begin with, they may be laced with dangerous codes that may hurt your streaming device, or steal vital personal data from your computer. Again, by using them, you become an accomplice in breaking the law, and if you are caught, you will have a date in court. Generally, you should avoid them and stick to recommended legal live TV streaming options.