New York Fashion Week was filled with sartorial ingenuity. While some designs will probably not make it to the streets, many spring fashion trends are bound to take the world by storm. Now that New York Fashion Week has come to a close, we round up the best trends from the runway that are sure to be seen everywhere. Without further ado, here are the spring 2018 fashion trends, straight from NYFW 2018.

Full-on Americana:
Red, white, and blue were abundant, and the American dream was alive and well at NYFW. Between many designers, creations that decidedly symbolized American colors made their debut on the runway. While this is a great look for the 4th of July, for day to day looks, you might want to keep the flag-inspired outfits minimal.

Haute Denim:
It is well-known that designers always find something to re-invent. This time, they have taken humble denim and made it luxurious. It is awe-inspiring to see that the same denim we regularly use and abuse can be styled into something you might wear to a gala. With loads of shimmer and shine, this is one spring trend that will definitely catch on.

Bright Colors:
Bright and bold was the flavor of the season, with everything from color blocking to color clashing. While jewel tones were predominantly seen, there was also a good amount of other hues painting the runway. We also observed a fascinating update on last year’s darling color, the millennial pink. Surprisingly, the millennial pink was nowhere to be seen. However, hot pink, its cousin color was championed by many designers. So, does it mean the millennial pink is dead? We will just have to wait and see.

Pastel Colors:
Providing a great contrast to the spring trend as mentioned earlier, pastel colors, and dusty tones were also frequently seen. Everything from soft green to off-white enjoyed the spotlight. Romantic and flirty, pastels perfectly embody the delicate fun of spring. Along with pastel colors, there were also a lot of dainty feminine touches like ruffles. If you don’t have any similar pieces, it is probably a good time to update your wardrobe!

A quintessential material that embodies spring, this transparent material was used in many ensembles. Soft and sensual at the same time, sheer can be used in smaller doses for fun and flirty looks that are perfect for spring. Try out a sheer top (with a camisole inside, of course!) and a denim skirt. This cute look is very much in at the moment and can ease you from a working day to a fun evening.

Bold Prints:
While geometric prints were last year’s hot look, spring 2018 fashion trends are featuring bold and mixed prints. If you’re unsure about bold prints, take it slow by pairing a skirt with a bold print with a simple, solid top. You can also incorporate this spring trend in small doses by wearing bags or shoes with the bold print. However, if you are feeling adventurous, go for a fitted button-down shirt and a pencil skirt, both featuring prints. Choose prints that are complementary, like a feisty flower print paired with a matching print on the same color scale.

Animal Prints:
Another re-emerging trend that takes inspiration straight from the 90s is animal print. Bold and powerful, animal prints go beyond just leopard or cheetah. Anything from zebra print to giraffe print is trending. You can even wear animal silhouettes on your outfits. This spring season, wear fun bird prints as a long coat. Pair it with a cute lace crop top for a very flirty look.

Satin lends a very luxurious feel to any look. You can use satin to dress up any attire. Incorporate it with jeans or rompers, and you get a very trendy look that is fit for a casual spring outing. For a smart casual look, go for a loose satin button-down shirt, and acid washed jeans. For a more formal look, wear a loose halter neck satin top with cigarette pants or wide-legged slacks.

A dominant fabric during NYFW, satin offers a very posh look and elevates any outfit. Its sheen, fluidity, and lightness ensure that it is very comfortable to wear this spring. As it looks best when flowing, opt for slightly oversized pieces when wearing satin.

Bright and Colorful Fur:
Fur is back but in a fun and funky form. A glamorous piece to wear, you can use it to dress up a casual outfit. For a small dose of this trend, wear it in the form of bags, shoes, or bracelet cuffs. For an outfit that is apt for this spring, pair a loose stylish top with skinnies and top it with a coat that incorporates bright fur. Color-coordinate the fur with your top for a fabulous look. While the rest of the attire is casual enough for spring, the fur elevates the outfit.

Touches of Shimmer:
Last year, the shimmer was all over the runways. This year, the spring 2018 fashion trends are also all about shine. The use of aluminum foil lookalike fabrics was particularly interesting. This reflective material was used in suits and dresses to add glamor to the outfits. A bold style statement, start off by incorporating it in accessories or shoes. However, to outshine everyone else at a party, flaunt a skirt or blazer with this iridescent color.

New York Fashion Week2018 was filled with bold and stunning outfits. Sure, most of the creations were surreal and over-the-top, but that’s how it is supposed to be. It’s our job to take those creative ideas and interpret them in our own unique way. Taking cues from creations that debuted on the runway during NYFW, we have jotted down the trends to let you in on what’s hot this spring season. Embrace these style pointers and get trendy with your own outfits! If you’re looking to stock wholesale clothing that’s stylish and on-trend, we’ve got the perfect selection.