Typically, a house party is a party that takes place at someone’s house. Not exactly like the parties you see in movies, house parties are kind of small quickly-planned social gatherings where a small group of friends gathers and enjoys. Popular among teenagers and those in their early twenties, these events host crowd, loud dance music, drinks, and lots of fun.

If this is your turn to host your friends, here are 7 simple DIY hacks for throwing an awesome house party. These tips and tricks will help you manage your party systematically and keep your friends happy with your arrangements.

#1. Use food-safe mosquito, rodent, and ant repellent.

Food turns unsafe because of insects as well as the chemical-based sprays that kill insects. However, food-safe bug repellents are also available on the market. You could use them thoroughly at your home, so they don’t bug away your guests at the party.

Alternatively, you can have a pest control service do this job a day to two before your party. You can also make an all-natural repellant by yourself.

Along with pests, odor too should be repelled away from the venue of the house party. Do invest in some quality home odor control solutions. Check out this guide to make your home smell better.

#2. Spill Management            

Spills are unavoidable at parties. Near the water dispensers, in the bar, and around the ice buckets are some of the messiest areas at any party. There should be something in place right there at the party venue for cleaning emergency spills. Better Homes & Gardens has a great post that offers quick-fix cleaning tips for emergency spills at your party.

Why is it important to clean spills immediately? Because dancing on a wet floor is something that only daredevils will do. Also because, alcohol, food, and soda spills may leave permanent spots on your walls, floors, and carpets.

Place multiple cloth mats near all liquid dispensing and food counters. Put dustbins at multiple locations so people can discard their disposable glasses and plates easily.

Here’s how you can make your dustbin look appealing. This picture shows dirty dustbin. You can create dustbins for trashes and discards of different kinds.

#3. Different Drinks on Different Counters

A house party host makes arrangement for a variety of drinks including water, soft drinks, soda, and alcohol to please the guests. To keep things simple, arrange different types of drinks on a different counter. Meaning, each counter serves only one type of beverage. Non-alcoholic drinks on one table, water on the other, and alcoholic beverages on a separate counter.

You can rent beverage dispensers for your party. This is a cool way to avoid the cost of hiring a bar-man. This allows your guests to help themselves and get drinks whenever they feel like.

And don’t forget to place a bottle opener at each counter.

#4. Easy Ice Cream Distribution

If drinks are the lifeblood of a party, dessert is the soul. Desserts offer a soulfully pleasant experience for your guests at the party. So, they are a very important part of your party menu.

If you have included ice cream in your dessert menu, then here’s a cool hack to ease your life. Pre-scoop ice creams in the serving bowl, place those bowls on the large tray and put that tray directly into the freezer. When it is time to serve the dessert, put those trays on the counter. Your guests will help themselves.

Use paper bowls or edible bowls for serving and pre-scooping ice creams.

#5. Turn your washing machine into a cooler.

How cool is that! Use your washing machine to keep your drinks cool. It is a great idea as the washing machine has a large space to store ice cubes. It also has a drain pipe, which you can use to drain out all the excess water. Don’t forget pre-conditioning your machine before throwing in the ice cubes.

Here is how you can keep your ice from melting in your washer. “Place a towel in the bucket or container before putting in the ice cubes. This will insulate the ice and keep them chilled.”

The idea is to create multiple insulating layers in your cooler or washing machine. These layers keep the ice from melting. Here are a few additional tips to maintain the size and chill of ice cubes at your house party.

And just for a reminder, arrange lots of ice for your party. Without their drinks chilled, your guests may lose their cool!

#6. Buy enough drinks.

Shortage of drinks at a party is the biggest disappointment for both, the guest and the host. Therefore, it would be wise to stock your refrigerator or freezer with a surplus of drinks.

You can calculate and approximate how much beer, wine, brandy, soda, water, and soft drink will be required for this event.

You know, drinks are never wasted. You can have a drink after your party is over. You can also give extra bottles to your friends as a gift. Packing or wrapping the bottles with a customize beer label having your name and your friend’s name on it – is one cool way to give a gift. Isn’t it?

 #7. More DIYs.

Before I wind up this post, I would like to give special mentions to some of the most viewed DIY Hack videos on YouTube.

Not only will these videos help you in cooking but also for making arrangements for your house party. Check out:

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As you will watch these videos, you will be shown related videos recommendations. Do check them out as well; they could be a great help in organizing your house party.

Bottom Line:

To get the most of it, you will need to plan and work in advance with a calm and cool set of mind. Make a checklist of tasks that should be put in the right order beforehand. If you think your friends will force you to get drunk, have a secret volunteer who could be one of your friends to take care of things at the party.

Hope these hacks help you add an awesome appeal to your house party. I am sure your friends will remember your party as the best house party ever.