As we all know that a rug is the foundation of any room and is an integral part of a home décor. A floor without a good quality handmade carpet is like a wall without a painting. One has to factor in a lot of considerations prior to buying a carpet, especially for their living room. Are you tired of your dull and boring space? Are you looking to revamp or refurbish the interiors, look and feel of your space? Follow the below mentioned tips and tricks and re-decorate your space like a PRO:

  1. Make a plan: Planning is the most important part for executing any task in a proper way. If you don’t make a proper plan, then you cannot do your work in a right way. So, take a paper and pen and start writing the schedule of your work according to the priority and time. You should decide the time that in how much time you will complete your task and then divide the area of your room according to the time. For example- if you have 3 hours then divide your room into three parts like ceiling area, wall, and floor. Buy the decorative accessories according to the priorities. If you don’t have enough amounts, then you can use the old one but wash and clean those old accessories before using. Take a handmade carpet on the first priories because it is only a thing which you can use as a focal point into your room and can impress your guest. This is a luxurious and most exclusive home décor item. You don’t need to buy an area rug every year, buy it one time and you can use it for one generation to another generation.
  2. Pick the theme of your room

It is crucial to decide the theme of the room while deciding other decorating factors of your living room. For instance, one can either choose to decorate their living room in a traditional manner or by using a modern theme. If one is looking for a unique look, a bohemian theme is also ideal according to latest trends and is very much in vogue. If you want to use tiny pattern handmade area rug in your living area then you can select traditional carpet. Once the theme of the room is deciphered, it is easier to decorate the rest of the room accordingly and spruce up the living room like never before.

  1. Paint the Walls instead of using Wall Paper

We recommend using nice pastel colors for the walls instead of using wallpaper. For instance, one can also have a featured wall using a bright, single tone for the space and hang beautiful wall art or paintings according to the theme of the room. A wallpaper surely looks good but is not long lasting. One seepage in the wall, and the entire wallpaper crumbles up and look bad. So use light color paints and have a bright, featured wall as well to make your living room look spic and span.

  1. Use a Good quality Handmade Area Rug

A good quality handmade carpet is woven on the handloom, and this is 100% woven by hand. Weaving a handmade carpet is a very difficult process which is complete in seven steps like spinning, knotting, dying, weaving, finishing, washing, etc. As mentioned earlier, a good quality handmade rug is an important feature of a room. We highly recommend using a rug as the focal point while decorating a space and then decorate the rest of the room around it. If the theme of the room is traditional, then one can either for a Kashmir Silk Area rug, or a Persian rug. However, on the other hand, if the theme of the room is more on the contemporary side, then a modern rug with bold patterns is ideal. If one doesn’t want to be very experimental, then a sold, plain colored rug is also ideal. Lastly, prior to picking a good quality handmade rug, one has to keep in mind the material, colors, design, pattern and most importantly the budget as well

  1. Add Decorative Accents

No room is really complete without adding beautiful decorative accents to a room. One can either opt for decorative pillows or nice paintings according to the theme of the room. Also, on the other hand, one can also place decorative candles, photo frames and mirrors to add vibrancy to a living room.

  1. Add curtains and greenery: This is summer and we all want to keep our room calm and cold. You can use handmade carpet for the wall hanging but if you don’t want to use it or don’t have much money to buy another carpet from the wall hanging then you can take heavy curtains which can protect the entire room from sun rays and create a cool atmosphere. If you love to live with natural aspect or want some greenery into your home then take the flower pots and do some planting. Put the flower pots on the stairs or on the table of your living area.
  2. Finishing Touch

Lastly, no room is complete without adding those finishing touches. For that, ensure that the living room is devoid of any clutter. Get rid of any stuff that is not required or doesn’t really serve a purpose. After all, less is more. Add some fresh flowers and make the room all spiffy and glam.

Follow the aforementioned tips and tricks to convert your dull and boring space into a haven of modern glam using a good quality handmade area rug.