Parents’ wish to have independence from limiting their lives to just childbearing and parental challenges are both rising in parallel.

One has to think a hundred times before deciding on whether they want kids or not. Because, what if they are bound to just doing the job of a parent? Losing an independent life and the chance to grow your career is hard. And this should not come with becoming a parent. So, you have to choose smarter ways for parenting. Particularly, the methods that are more impactful and have a better influence on today’s generation.

Yes, I am talking about using a parental control app. Not just that it is important to manage your parenting along with other activities smartly, but many other reasons beg your attention.

So, here is why modern-age parents need to use a parental app to keep comprehensive and smart control over their kids.


Mobile phones, tablets, and computers, etc. are now accessible and a need of every kid. But the usage is not limited to the required needs. People use it excessively for random browsing, gaming, and sometimes to literally waste/pass the time because no other activity sounds better. Among kids, this trend is on the rise. But screens are unimaginably harmful to the cognitive development, physical and mental growth, and overall health of a child. With FamilyTime parental control app, you can control the screen time of your kids without having to be with them. You can observe their activities, put restrictions, and schedule the time just with a few clicks.


With more apps and websites to engage kids and teens, there are rising risks for cybercrimes. There are a lot of predators out there who are trying to engage with them, anonymous IDs to do frauds and scams, and pedophiles to manipulate kids. With a parental app, you can sense the risk by following your child’s activities over different platforms. Not just that, with FamilyTime, you can block certain contacts, keep a record of the activities to guide your kids later on, and have a check on their location for better supervision during risky situations.


There are a lot of digital platforms for entertainment for this generation. Nothing sounds better than playing video games and surfing over the internet which at a point becomes highly unproductive. These digital activities are not only done at the cost of some healthy physical and manual games but also children ignore their studies, homework, or other productive tasks for them. So, there needs to control over their time on mobile phones.

A parental app allows an easy, quick, and long-lasting solution to manage your kids’ time over phones. You can simply set a time limit and they will lose their access to such activities automatically.


Internet discriminates no age group when it comes to showing content. There are dark webs, there are porn sites and there is every type of information accessible to everyone. But you do not want your child to be exposed to every type of content. Because, if it is not the right age, even the appropriate content can prove to be unhealthy and unproductive. So, again FamilyTime, a parental control app, allows marvelous controls to monitor what and what not they can watch over the internet. Moreover, you can see the whole history of their searches and monitor them accordingly.

Porn addiction is on the rise amongst young individuals due to its accessibility across age levels. Stop Together is an online tool designed to stop people from watching porn or suffering from porn withdrawal symptoms.


Not very long ago, American Psychiatrist Association, categorized gaming addiction as a mental health disorder saying that it causes the same effects as the addiction to drugs in many cases. And, what is not the good news here? More and more people are falling prey to it.

So, to protect them from any serious danger, you have to get them over it. FamilyTime allows you to monitor their activity on every app and game individually. You can block, schedule, or limit the time of an app.

Well, this app offers a lot more features for parents’ empowerment. Check out their official website for more details. Also, you can download it from the App Store or Play Store now.