A watch is a fashion statement! Some prefer to own more than one piece of watch to pair with their outfit. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect watch for you.

Personality of the wearer

There’s no fixed favourite among the various kinds of watches. It’s a matter of personal preference when you set out to buy a new watch for yourself or for someone. Choose a watch which showcases your style and personality, and helps you make a fashion statement. Getting a specific type narrowed down to your choice is essential. You can choose from the following options: -Analog watches, digital watches, automatic watches, quartz watches, aviator watches etc. The choice is endless.

Band material

This is significant because it conveys the mood you wish to portray. It could scream casual, formal, personal and more. Watch bands are made of a variety of materials which range from ceramic, fabric, to rubber. The choice of the type of band to choose is based on your personal preference and occasion. Here’s a look at various types of bands.

  • Leather – Classic style and chic
  • Plastic – Sports or casual
  • Rubber – Sports watches and durable wear
  • Stainless steel – Sophistication and style
  • Ceramic – When watches need to resemble jewellery


Most people who are new to buying a watch are more likely to spend more than they intended for the additional benefits regarding design and durability. However, you can get your dream watch for less when you scout for discounts. Watch out for some of the latest coupons from the brand or online store you wish to buy. There are many sites like CouponX, Retailmenot, Shoppirate, and that provides coupons and discounts on various products. Many people ignore the added benefits of coupons or online discounts not realising the value it adds. You can get a discount starting from 10% anywhere upwards up for grabs even for luxury brands. If this is not a steal deal, then what is?

Type of watch

There are 3 main watch types to look for when choosing a new watch. They are battery, mechanical, and quartz.Battery is the most common and inexpensive watch movement to buy. Mechanical watches offer more complex, but sophisticated technology and it doesn’t use energy from a battery. The wound spring of mechanical watches stores the energy and transfers it for better movement through gears and springs. This results in a high-powered and accurate watch. Quartz watch demands very little effort in terms of maintenance. But they come without the ultimate sophistication and craftsmanship of a mechanical watch.

Best place to purchase watches

The last thing that you need to consider buying is where you will buy your watch. That’s an important part of your purchasing decision. If you’re dealing with a small retailer, an online store or a large department store, knowing who you can have trust in is very important. Because while working with a watch which is high-value, anything can go wrong! The seller should help repair the problem or offer you a brand-new product in excellent condition. Also from unknown stores, there are chances of fake products being given to you.