I have always wanted to move into a small apartment at some point in my life which I can decorate in cute little things just the way I wanted. Thankfully, that dream came a true couple of years back, and I do indeed have a cute little apartment to myself now.

What I did not realize about small apartments was how much of an issue space was. Every tiny thing I put in just seemed to lessen the space more and more. At one point, my friends started pointing this out every time I invited this over. Finally, I decided to do something about all the ruckus in my house and make my house a bit more spacious. It was not quite as difficult as I expected it to be. Read on to take a look at some of my best and most handy tips:

Keep the Furniture Close Together

This is a tip that you can implement right now, and it won’t take long at all. All you have to do is take a look at the different furniture you have in each room and then push them close together to each other in clusters. For example, if you have a sofa set or a dining table, you can push the whole set close together. You can even roll-out a rug underneath each cluster as a sort of guide.

Furniture that is fanned out far apart may look great in large rooms and halls, but in small rooms, they add a lot of clunks and make the room very suffocating. After pushing it all closer together, you will notice that you have freed up a lot of space immediately. Then you can move on to the other steps.

Add Some Negative Space

Negative space is welcome in a small house. You don’t have to fill up every little nook and cranny with tables and desks and other furniture. Pushing your furniture close together is one way to free up some space in the house. You can also remove unnecessary furniture around the room to make some breathing room.

If you feel as if the negative spaces look awkward, you can add something small like a bean bag to make it a nice sitting corner. Other than that, you can even decorate the space with artwork and other such things to give it some aesthetic appeal instead of making it look clunky.

Stay Away from Big Furniture

If you plan on buying new furniture for your house, make sure you look at all the compact options available. For example, let’s take sofas. A compact sofa serves the same purpose as a large sofa, and it doesn’t have big arms, a thick cover, or anything that makes it super clunky and big.

The same can be said about a dining table. If you don’t have too many people all the time for dinner and all, you can easily make do with a small table with four seats instead of six. Other than that, remember that round dining tables are much more compact than square ones, so go for round tables whenever you can.

Make it Airy

This isn’t a huge tip to increase space, but it can give the illusion of your room being large and spacious. The most spacious rooms are those with large windows. I have a noticed a trend with a lot of people keeping the windows in their house closed and the curtains shut.

So try to keep the windows open at all reasonable times, especially during daytime. Letting the air and sunshine enter your house gives you a lot more breathing room. The rooms automatically look larger when there is a bit of the outside world coming into it.

Be Smart with Color

The best trick to make your room look larger and more spacious without moving anything around is playing with color. Sometimes we don’t have a lot of furniture in the room, but it still seems very congested because the colors are too harsh for the size of the room.

The best color for the spacious rooms is white. It is trendy lately and gives the room a modernized and polished look. A white curtain is possibly the best idea ever since they look light and airy. I understand that white on its own can look quite bland, which is why it is even better if you add little splashes of color wherever you can.

For example, you can have a brightly painted contrast wall in your bedroom (contrast walls in living rooms are a personal pet peeve). Other than that, you can buy a white sofa and adorn it with cute, colorful cushions. You can also decorate the tables and all with colorful adornments.

If white is the primary color of your room, you can also add a secondary color to give the room some more dimension. The secondary color should ideally be either a dull shade or a pastel shade to keep up with the light and airy décor of the room.

Line the Walls with Shelves

There are a lot of small things lying around the house that you can easily fit in shelves and cabinets. Spend some dough and get cool shelves for your room as well so that these small things can have a resting place away from the ground. You can use a cordless drill and a couple of wooden planks to make your shelves as well.

For example, if you have a bookshelf on the floor, you can get rid of that and put all the books on the shelves on the wall instead. You will save a lot of space this way.

Skip Out on Unnecessary Furniture

If you take a second look around your house, you will realize that you probably do not need all the furniture that you have around the house. This is especially true for houses with only one or two people in the house. You can easily have a double use for a lot of your furniture, like your desk can also function as your night-table and what not. A second look is all you need!

Author Bio:

Randy is a mechanical engineer with the construction business of his own. He knows all the ins and outs of the industry and the right use of the tools. That is exactly what he teaches on his blog. He regularly posts on http://www.bestcordlessdrillspros.com/.