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The Shabbat celebration is an integral part of Jewish culture and Jewish people celebrate the day by following some rituals. Among many rituals, drinking beverages is a significant one. Jewish people believe that God worked restlessly for six days to create this universe and he took a rest when his work was finished. For this reason, in Jewish culture, there is a tradition to work for six days and the seventh day is for taking rest and enjoying. The seventh day is the Shabbat celebration day. On every Friday, Jewish people celebrate Shabbat eve with friends and family. The most significant ritual of this day is the Kiddush recitation over food and beverages. In order to serve the beverages to the family members and friends, Jewish people use sterling silver Kiddush cup sets and that’s why this cup set is also an important part of Jewish culture.

Kiddush Recitation:

Every Jewish participates in Kiddush recitation during Shabbat eve that involves chanting of prayer for the enlightenment of inner self. The sanctification of beverages and food takes place during Kiddush recitation. During this time, Jewish people pour beverages such as wine or grapes juice in the Kiddush wine fountain. Once the recitation is over, now everyone drinks a sip of the beverage. Some people prefer to drink the beverage directly from the wine fountain, while others use Kiddush cups to distribute the beverage. In most Jewish families, every family member has a unique Kiddush cup to drink the beverage. For this reason, the sterling silver Kiddush cup set has a traditional value in Jewish culture.

The Celebration of Shabbat Eve:

This is a rabbinic tradition to celebrate Shabbat eve and this tradition has been continuing since 500 C.E. According to the Halakha law, the Shabbat celebration starts from the sunset on Friday and ends with the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night. Jewish people are found to wear white dresses and traditional dresses on this day. There are also certain rituals to follow during the Shabbat celebration.

Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup Set:

Manufacturers understand the significance of Kiddush cups in Jewish tradition and therefore, you will find different types of Kiddush cup set with multiple designs. The design of the cups is an important parameter to measure the artistic value of these cups. Besides providing several attractive exterior designs, manufacturers also use silver metal to prepare the cups. The use of silver metal improves durability, and this is very common in Jewish culture. You will also find a decorative wooden box to keep the cup sets.

Wrap Up:

Apart from the Shabbat celebration, you can use the beautiful Kiddush cup set in your daily use to drink beverages, coffee, tea, etc. You can also gift these cup sets to your friends and family members. However, if you want to purchase the sterling silver Kiddush cup set, you should always prefer purchasing through online stores to have a variety of designs and other benefits.