Three people in an office working with their Microsoft laptops

Are you wondering why you’ve been seeing a few new features on your Microsoft Teams application? Microsoft has just released some new improvements and updates to their much-loved Microsoft Teams, and we’re here to take you through all of the latest changes that are set to keep you working even faster and even smarter.

We all know and love Microsoft Teams, it is the backbone of many businesses around the world and is helping countless companies and even industries, to communicate and collaborate in more ingenious and exciting ways. Each and every month, Microsoft releases a bunch of updates to Microsoft Teams, and this past month was no different.

Microsoft has stated that this latest round of updates is covering a range of different areas; these are calls, management, power platform and custom development, meetings, devices, chats and collaboration, Teams for education, the government, and finally frontline workers too. Some of the key highlights, and the ones that Microsoft themselves have been highlighting, include that webinar invitations have been improved and that they have also made improvements to the way in which audio detection works, especially within the frontline workers’ space.

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Let’s take a deeper look at some of the best and most important updates that have been rolled out this past month.

1. Chat and Collaboration Tools Have Gotten Better

One of the best new features in this release is the allowance of text prediction when writing texts on mobile devices. Fluent emojis, one of Microsoft’s favorites, are also being rolled out to Teams. Suggested replies are also being provided in chats now.

2. Meetings Have Improved Screen Sharing Options

It is now possible for users to share their system sounds while on a Microsoft Teams call, there are also more options for presenters as well as automatic music detection which has been added to help reduce background noise on calls.

3. A Bunch Of New Devices Have Been Added To The Teams Certified Devices List

With so many new devices popping up on the market, it can be hard to make each one compatible at once. The following devices are some which have been added to the list of compatible devices since April 2022: Yealink Teams HD IP Conference Phone, Sennheiser TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker, Huddly L1, Crestron Flex, and even the Logitech Tap Scheduler Panel to name a few.

4. Students and Teachers Get Better Notifications

In terms of education, there were just two updates made in April – the first is that students and teachers receive a notification whenever a new Class Notebook page is sent around. There are also now immediate Data reports sent around to all class members after a Teams meeting class taking place.

As a business owner, knowing what the newest tools and software are capable of is super important – be sure to stay on top of the latest trends and tech news by ensuring your IT Team is always reading the latest tech news and seeing what the latest updates are for all the software and tools your teams and business is using and ensure that your business is taking advantage of them to their best ability.