Paris is known to be the city with loads of tourist attractions and visiting Eiffel Tower is surely on the bucket list of most of the travelers. There are loads of things that attract visitors every year including the lip-smacking delights that it offers. Apart from the city lights, the shopping and Tour D’Eiffel, there is so much more to this city, of which food is a very important part. If you too are willing to travel to the amazing city of Paris and you wish to know how to eat like a local in Paris, then here are few options that will help you in learning the same.

What To Eat

There is no perfect trick to ace the feeding habits of locals of Paris, but there is certainly a way to enjoy the best in Paris by consuming what is consumed by the locals. When in Paris there are some food items that you’ve got to try by any means. The confectionery items in Paris are much appreciated throughout the world.

  • Pain au chocolat which is a bread stuffed with chocolate is the ideal bread to consume in Paris.
  • Apart from those pastries that are prepared in Paris are way too delicious and should be tested once at least.
  • Crepes are yet another very interesting and delicious type of French food item. Crepes are the exclusive dish of French people.
  • Macarons are consumed all over the world, but the French macarons have a slight spice of France in them which make them so delicious.
  • Cheese of the Paris is famous in this entire world, and people travel all the way to Paris just in order to taste these pieces of cheese. Some specialized cheeses like the camembert, Roquefort, etc. are much appreciated throughout the world.

What To Drink

Drinking in Paris is like a tradition as it is the capital of finest wineries. You will get to taste some of the best and finest alcoholic beverages in the city of Paris. When it comes to consumption, even the tap water is much cleaner in Paris, but one thing that you can in no way afford not to try is the wine. Red wine served in France is the best-tasting wine in the whole wide world, and you’ve got to try it out no matter what. Another important thing is that both sodas, as well as wine, come for the same price in Paris and you can imagine the craze of wine in the city from this.

Travelling Paris

This is one thing which you should not do as the locals do as you are not much aware of the streets and roads of the city as much as the locals are. You should always travel using private means of transport which you can get at even the airports. You can either book these Paris airport transfers beforehand through online booking, or you can get the same done during the time you wish to.