Your internet experience remains incomplete unless you have social sharing as a part of it. Social media is always on the rise, and it is becoming instantly popular among not just youngsters but among older communities too. With a wide range of information over the internet, it is really hard to track down your requirements. Search engines, on the other hand, helps you to find your necessary information. Social media also plays a significant role in helping you get to your favorite websites.

Around 72% of users are actively involved with social media. Such platforms represent a vastly growing marketing opportunity. After you have created good content over social sites, it is time to get targeted audiences towards your content. That’s when social sharing comes into action. To make it work pretty well, you have Popular Free Social Sharing Plugins for your website usability. Let’s get on with some of the popular ones.

easy social

The best and free social sharing plugin has to be Easy Social Sharing for WordPress. It is created by ThemeGrill and tested on multiple projects first before dispatching to needed users. It is quite easy to use and has a simple yet powerful interface. Not just for beginners, but it is suitable for experts too. Even though this plugin is free, yet it has some premium features to it. There are 18 popular social networks available with shiny sharing buttons. You can even choose your location for displaying shared icons.


A top-rated free social sharing plugin is named as Monarch, and it has some elegant themes. This powerful plugin comes with multiple options at your disposal. It helps in supporting 20 social networks if not more! You can manage the setting from a custom panel in the WordPress dashboard. You can easily import or export the setting from one WP site to another one, making it suitable for the owner of multiple sites.

A free social sharing plugin for WordPress is Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar. You get the opportunity to create some customized share button through this plugin. It helps you to create share buttons in the unique way you want. This plugin helps in supporting 9 social networking sites. You can choose the social site you want to share your buttons with and can add a customized message with the buttons. You can add the buttons on floating sidebar too, or at bottom or top of the content.

Mostly known for its free version, Kiwi is easy to use and available in its premium version as well. For the newbies in the market, the free version will work pretty well. It helps in bundling some themes as made by Colorlib. There are customized plugin icons in-built with the source. You have the right to re-arrange the position of the icon on share bar if you want to. Furthermore, it has an amazing UI interface with simple and intuitive options.

A visually attracting plugin of modern times, Social Warfare gives access to some stunning features. It supports only the popular social networking sites and works great with WP themes. The plugin helps in supporting some Pinterest images with a potential increase in huge traffic. You further get the chance to add tweetable quote boxes in various designs within the content box and add customized tweets to individualized posts.


MashShare comprises of a well-customized ecosystem for optimizing content and sharing on social media. It offers attractive design for displaying 3 major buttons for Twitter, Facebook and Subscribe. It will display button for the total shared counter by default along with 3 promising social icons. It helps the site visitors to have a clear idea about total share count, within a simple glance.

If you are planning to increase traffic to the site with stunning social sharing buttons, then Share Buttons by AddThis is the name to be. It supports 200+ social networking sites. So now you are practically free to add any social media you want on this site. You can even select the pages where you want to share the buttons like on the archive, homepage, category or even on any other posts. You can even select the position of placing the button, which can be above or below content. On the other hand, you have various button sizes and styles to choose from.

One of the easiest ways to increase social traffic and social shares is by using this plugin, namely WPSharely. This platform helps you to receive more social shares and even attract multiple visitors. Mostly used by Wordpress development team, this plugin comprises of some interesting features. It has a content locker for wrapping 4 different themes. On the other hand, you can use the content locker for keeping hidden snippets of content on page or post. You can further hide locked content in source code and change URL for the locker to share.

Social Share & Locker Pro

This Social Share & Locker Pro plugin is perfect for making your official site well visible on social networks. Here, the term “Locker” mainly refers to the facility of locking content, which can easily be unlocked only if shared. The working ability of this plugin is more or less similar to WPSharely. It is available on 28 social networks, and you have the right to take picks of icons. There are around 10 predefined themes added with best fonts only.

Not just a simple plugin, but Shareaholic is an amplification platform with greater functions you require. Some of those are related posts, share button, and social analytics. This free WordPress plugin helps in increasing site traffic, boost conversions, improve engagement and work on monetization. You can even add some promoted content, affiliated links, and native ads too with the help of this social sharing plugin.

Make sure to go through each one of the 10 free social sharing plugins first, and choose the one you like. Don’t forget to check individual features first, before making the right and non-regrettable decision.

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