Today’s young generation is found in touring foreign countries and famous destinations. Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations for enthusiastic travelers who love to visit new areas, meet people belonging to different culture and language, participate in different outdoor activities, enjoy mouth-watering food items, etc. Australia has a lot to offer. Although this big country has many cities where travelers can roam about, there are the top 7 Australian cities that you would like to visit during your trip:

1. Adelaide

Adelaide is one of the five largest cities in Australia and is the administrative center of the state. The location is developing irrepressibly as the Government of Australia is doing almost everything possible to make it meet all modern requirements. The city is at a distance of 1376 kilometers west of Sydney and 723 km northwest of Melbourne. Today, Adelaide is a major economic and cultural center in the south of the country. It perfectly combines modern skyscrapers with buildings of ancient architecture, built in a colonial style. Adelaide is often called a city of festivals as it hosts a large number of festivals and various cultural and sporting events every year.

2. Sydney

Sydney is a metropolitan city located on the southeast coast of Australia. It is the capital of New South Wales. It is famous for day-tripper destination in this country. Whom One wants to visit Australia, never disappoints to see this nice-looking city. Sydney is an unavoidable part of your journey to Australia. The reasons are multiple, such as enormous services including the well-known opera house, the facilities bridge, the Rocks, structures, fashion, art and rich cuisines. No doubt, this energetic city down under is a tangible option for first-time visitors.

3. Hobart

Hobart is one of Australia’s oldest cities. It was established in 1804. It is the capital of the Australian state of Tasmania. It is the administrative, economic and cultural center of the island. It is located at the mouth of the Derwent River in the Wellington mountain. Hobart is an important seaport of Australia. Shipbuilding and related industries are flourishing here. It also produces wine, brews beer and has a developing food industry. There are many places of tourist interest in the city.

4. Brisbane

Brisbane is a major city on the east coast of Australia. It is the administrative center of the state of Queensland. This is the third major city after Sydney and Melbourne. The city is located on the Brisbane River. The atmosphere of this metropolitan city is pleasant, allowing you to spend most of your time in the fresh air and lead a happy life typical of tropical cities. In Brisbane, the average summer temperature is 20-27 ° C, and in winter 20-21 ° C. Brisbane Airport is one of the main international and local airports in Australia. So, many people traveling from exotic places of Australia or Oceania stop here for one or two nights, waiting for the right flight or just to add variety to their long journey.

5. Melbourne

Melbourne is the famous city for its architectural design from the Victorian era. It has enhanced the urban area recognized for its great view, galleries, backyards, and libraries. The Royal Botanic Gardens is decorated with unbelievable spectacles, flower growth and visual prettiness of the conurbation in this tourist attraction. The museum is located on the university avenue of Sydney. It is truly an excellent way to benefit from your vacation in Australia.

A visit to Australia is a tremendous blend of entertainment, comfort, excellence, and knowledge. No other country in this globe will be able to give all goodness Australia has. During the summer days, the weather is pretty cool and relaxed, the best time to be in this country is through the September and October.

6. Perth

Perth is the largest city and the capital of Western Australia. The city is located in the south-west of Australia on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The population of the city is 1.507 million people (2006). Perth is the fourth most populated city in Australia after Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, and at 2% growth is Australia’s fastest growing city. Perth has about 75% of the population of the whole state of Western Australia.

Perth is called the brainchild of the gold rush. In 1829, large deposits of gold and nickel ores, as well as Kimberly diamond mines, were discovered. After that, Perth became a solid economic center of Australia, and most of the local residents became real millionaires. The city has a lot of restaurants, casinos and concert halls. Later on, various galleries and theaters were erected in Perth

7. Kalgoorlie

Kalgoorlie is a famous city in Western Australia. It is around 595 km east-northeast of Perth. Founded in 1893, it is a major center of gold mining in the country. It received the status of the city in 1989. It is the fifth most populous city in Western Australia.

The meaning of the name of this city means “the place of a silky pear.” It was established on June 17, 1893, by the gold digger Patrick Hannan. After the discovery of gold mines in the region, local residents became very rich. The city witnesses arid climate with hot summers and cool winters. The annual precipitation is about 260 mm wherein January month has an average maximum temperature of 33.6 ° C. July is the coldest month during which the temperature varies from 16.5 to 4.8 ° C.


Many of tourists, need to experience an Australian vacation while relaxing in the sun. But now you understand that not every inch of the Land Down Under enjoys a year-round warm climate. No matter where you visit in this country, you make sure to have an enjoyable Australian holiday despite the climate condition. Since you are up to date regarding the weather in this region, you can assume a fun and well-deserved vacation in Australia. The weather in these days is fairly changeable throughout the year. During the time of the summer, the normal weather is approximately 26 C.

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