A windscreen is the most important part of your car as it offers you clear visibility and protection from wind.  The windscreen can crack due to any reason, such as rough roads, approaching rocks, sudden changes in temperature, etc. Sometimes the windscreen cracks due to unknown reasons, and we wonder how it cracked.

When a windscreen is cracked, people usually go to the service centers or local mechanics to get it repaired or replaced. They charge them a hefty amount for the repair and replacement of the windscreen. However, minor repairs can be done at home by using a windscreen repair kit.

If the crack or damaged area is large, you should go to the service center or a windscreen repair center to get it repaired or replaced. But in case of small chips or cracks, you can repair your windscreen yourself with some do it yourself tips.

Repairing the windscreen, yourself as soon as it is cracked will save you a lot of money, and it prevents further damage and the need for replacement.

Almost all the small size chips of any shape can be repaired at home. The technique to repair a crack or chip in the glass is to inject a filler or adhesive into the chip. The adhesive comes with a syringe in the windscreen repair kit that you can buy from a local auto spares market.

Some people leave the damage as it is because it is not on the driver’s side. You should repair the damaged area even if it is not in the line of your sight. The chips and cracks left unrepaired tend to grow large and need replacement.

Before you start to repair a crack or chip in your windshield, you should dry it completely. Drying is essential as you don’t want to trap moisture in the crack during the repair process. You can use a hair dryer to dry the moisture trapped in the cracks.

Cleaning of the windscreen is also required before you start to repair it as any dust particles can hamper the repair and enter the cracks with the adhesive. Do not use any detergents or window cleaners to clean the windshield, instead use acetone or a lighter fluid to clean and dry the damaged area.

Windscreen repair tip 1

Mix some regular table salt, rubbing alcohol and bug repellant with some water and rub the solution on the cracked area. You need to wait for a few hours to see that the cracks and scratches are gone. The best thing about this windscreen repair tip is that you can do it yourself.

Windscreen repair tip 2

In this process, we will use a filler resin and vacuum pump to fill the cracks or chips. First of all buy a glass filler resin, an injection and a vacuum pump. Use the vacuum pump to suck out the air from the cracks and then fill the injection with filler resin. Then inject the resin into the cracks, this will fill the cracks with the resin, and the remaining air will come out.

Use the acetone or a windscreen cleaner fluid to clean any extra resin spread over the cracked area. Park your car in the sun to receive the UV rays that will harden the resin. After one or two hours, the adhesive will become transparent and hard, and you will be able to see clearly through the repaired area. However, the transparency is restored 90 to 95 percent that is enough for clear visibility.

Windscreen repair tip 3

To repair the rock chips and small cracks you can buy a windscreen repair kit from a local auto spares shop. The kit includes a syringe and epoxy and is usually available at a low price in the local markets.  First of all, open the kit and take out the syringe and fix the needle in the syringe.

Then put the needle in the cracks one at a time and suck out all the air. Some air will remain in the cracks that will come out when you fill the cracks with epoxy. Now, fill the epoxy in the cracks one by one and leave it for a few hours in the sun to dry and harden.

Windscreen repair tip 4

In this windscreen repair tip, we shall use a bridge style repair kit. You can find this type of repair kit in the local stores. It is essential to read the instructions on the packet before using any windscreen chip repair brisbane. The bridge style kit is more stable than the one with a syringe applicator. It also includes a vacuum pump to suck out the air from the cracks.

First of all, use a thin metal object like a knife or blade or pin to tap out small glass pieces from the cracks. You should wear gloves to clear out the glass pieces and clean the damaged area. Clean the area you need to repair with acetone or lighter fluid.

If your windscreen repair kit contains a cleaner, you can use it to clean the area. Now dry the area completely with a hairdryer and load the applicator with the resin. It is good to read the instructions on how to use the applicator. Position the applicator tip on one end of the crack and then move the tip along the crack as given in the instructions.

If your applicator comes with suction cups, lightly lubricate them so that they stick firmly on the glass. After the resin is filled in the crack, cover the crack with a curing tape and leave it under direct sunlight for two hours. After two hours, remove the curing tape and clean any extra resin by a glass cleaner and you are ready to drive the car.

Final words

A windscreen is an important part of your car as it provides clear visibility, protects you from harsh weather and provides structural support. You need to repair the chips or cracks as soon as they appear, to prevent them from spreading bigger. The small cracks can be repaired yourself or by a professional repair agency. If the cracks or large or in front of the driver’s seat, it is better to replace the windscreen for safety and clear visibility.