Your home’s windows play a crucial role, and for this reason, you need to give them proper treatment. These installations not only allow in air and light but they also add a stylish touch to the property. When properly installed, your windows can form the focal point of both the interior and exterior decor. If you want to give your home an exquisite touch of class, it is time you thought of revamping those plain windows. You can do this by installing window shutters. Exterior shutters might not be the first thing on your mind when planning home improvement, but there are many reasons to consider them for your windows.

If you still not taken about the idea of window shutters, consider the benefits they bring to your home. Take a look:

  1. Aesthetic appeal: Window shutters have for ages services to add a touch of style to properties.
  2. Protection: Well-designed shutters protect against adverse weather elements such as storms and extreme heat.
  3. Natural air and light control: Window shutters make it easier to control light and ventilate your house.
  4. Privacy: Installing shutters adds privacy to the rooms as you can block the view while still allowing in air and light.
  5. Sound and Thermal Insulation: Shutters can help to keep away the unwanted noise and maintain optimal temperatures inside your house.
  6. Versatile designs: There are various shutter styles to suit any architectural design. These include Board and Batten (BnB), louvered, Raised panel shutters, Bermuda/Bahama shutters, plantation shutters, and Mission or Craftsman Style Shutters among others. You can find a style to suit your home’s unique decorative needs.

The best outdoor shutters will give your house an instant makeover as they become the main point of focus on the outdoor decor. In this article, you will learn more about window shutters, how to measure shutters and to avoid common mistakes when taking these measurements.

Measuring Window for Shutters Installation

The window shutters you install will only serve the purpose if well measured. Before you place an order for this window treatment, you need to measure the windows. Some of the important things to consider at this point are:

  1. The function of the shutters: You have to determine whether the shutters you want will serve a decorative purpose or a functional one. Decorative shutters in most cases won’t close over the windows, and this is an important point to remember when you set out to measure the windows. Functional shutters offer protection, and they cover over the window. Their measurements are thus different.
  2. Architectural uniformity: If you look at your neighborhood, you will note a sense of uniformity in all installations. When measuring windows for shutter installation, try to use similar dimensions as used on similar properties. If no one around has used shutters, take entire window measurements including the window trim vertically and horizontally.
  3. Shutter width: When taking measurements for exterior shutters, consider the width of the window and the distance between the windows. Use a single width for all your windows (preferably 25% and 33% of the total width of your window with the window trim included)
  4. Shutter Height: Measure from the top to the bottom of the window trim. For vinyl shutters, remember to leave some space (at least 1/4 inch) at the bottom because this material expands and contracts to owe to temperature changes.

Common Window Measurement Mistakes to Avoid

Many homeowners have installed windows shutters only for the overall look to disappoint them. There are various reasons which could lead to such problems including:

  1. Assuming there are standard size windows: Never assume windows are the same size and instead, take all measurements before ordering window shutters. You might end up will poorly fitting shutters which are an eyesore.
  2. Not measuring the window opening: You need to measure the window opening to order shutters that cover the opening comfortably.
  3. Not taking measurements in three places: It is rare to find a perfectly square window. For this reason, you need to take measurements of the height and width at the top, bottom, and the middle. During construction, the window spaces are not perfect and to order the right window shutters; you need to get all these details.
  4. Using a cloth tape measure: When ordering window shutters, you need exact measurements and your cloth tape measure will not give you this. Make sure you use a steel measuring tape.
  5. Bending the tape measure: Don’t do this because you saw experts doing it on TV. You will end up with the wrong measurements.
  6. Failure to add width for the shutter: When measuring window opening width, you need to add some inches because you want the installation to cover the opening to offer adequate protection and privacy.
  7. Mixing up width and height: If you don’t have a neat worksheet, you might end up mixing up the height and width which will lead to problems with your order. This will cost you a lot of money, and it is for this reason you need to use a good worksheet for this task.
  8. Not “Measuring twice, cutting once: This is a rule for builders, and it saves a lot of time and money. You need to counter check your measurements before placing an order to avoid costly mistakes.

These are just a few of the mistakes to avoid. If you want your window shutters to serve their purpose, you need to take proper measurements and consider the material you want to use. For vinyl shutters, remember they expand and contract and thus require an extra gap at the bottom. For the other types of shutters, make sure you add to the width of the window opening if you want functional window shutter. For decorative shutters, the measurements will correspond to the window opening. If you need assistance with the measurements, it is advisable to use a professional contractor who understands the trade.