what is a/b testing

Software testing plays an important role to authenticate and validate the quality of the software; there are various aspects to look into while evaluating the software quality. There are some facts and practices which should take in considerations of both the criteria are which can help to enhance the quality of the products. It helps you to analyze various cases in software testing life cycle where the functional and performance testing can perform simultaneously. There are so many different recent dependents upon the type of application to be tested on the way to use both the testing methodologies. In this article, we try to explain the effects of the quality of software product when both functional and performance testing should take simultaneously.

What is performance testing?

Performance testing is a process which verifies the behavior of the system at different load conditions. It can help the test engineer to effectively automate the test results to know how the website for application reacts when the load decreases and when the load increases. In this type of testing so many levels, the organizations are involved along with customs such as developers, testers, and management people. It required close to a production test environment to facilitate various load criteria.

What are the reasons behind performing functional testing and performance testing simultaneously?

Functional testing becomes much more important for any software application as compared to performance testing. The actual results based includes the verification and validation of the quality of the software product on the terms of functionality.

Bug effusion is a serious issue

It is believed that the quality of the product is dependent upon the test engineer or testing team instead of the developer. No one wants to deliver defects when the product is functionally tested. It is seen that working well functional testing zero this is not available in the product. According to the comparison between functional and performance testing, the following must be the concern of the testers.

• Is there any dependency between financial and performance testing

• If the product is delivered with low performance

• Can performance testing exist with functional testing?

There are no main reasons to say that functional testing is more important than performance testing. Performance testing is helpful to check that what the conditions in which the website can survive are.

The faster the website the motor when you get rejected

Websites that contribute more believe in staying in the competitive world. Since everything on the internet is just a click away from everything website or application, there is a requirement of performance testing. If your website this is a very important reason why companies should prefer performance testing a lock with the functional testing.


This is the reason why there are so many hardware issues, all putting others available on the website. Functional testing is capable of testing the results of the source code, but it is also necessary to test the source code itself. Bottlenecking is generally fixed by adding additional features to processes. The following are some common types of features:

• Disputes usage

• Memory utilization

• Network utilization

• Operating system limitation

• CPU utilization

Response time

The amount of time it takes for an application to answer a user request is very important to figure out the performance testing measure system response time that is the time between the request of the response from the end user to the application. Today the frame of the reference response can be blocking asynchronous. It is not important to require users to wait for a reply. So before providing the product to the end users. It is the responsibility of testing team and development team to figure out how the website acts in different conditions.

Growth of Worldwide Web and e-commerce

The world wide web has contributed hugely to the growth of the business industry. Today there are so many E-Commerce businesses which are aligned and also dependent on the performance of the website. Suppose if you are visiting a website to buy a product, but the product is taking too much to load then you will not go to the website and look for another website which can give you fast services. eCommerce websites are also highly pronto sudden spikes in supply and demand according to the discoveries and requirements of the common people. that is why performance testing is so important along with the functional testing of the application.


It is very important to figure out what is the capacity of requirements of the application to be developed or tested. The design of the application and the development process model overlooked the geography and size of the end users group. The following are the various scalability consideration which helps you to figure out why you need to conduct performance testing.

• How many end users will it use the applications?

• How will the end user connect application?

• Where are the end users located?

• What will the final application landscape look like?

• What effect will the application have on network capacity?

• How many users can use the application at one time?

All the above points are tested with the help of performance testing, so it is advisable to the organizations never underestimate the power of performance testing.


Performance testing is one of the important weapons which companies have for launching product in the market is capable of providing the customer ID based performance application. This might sound a little string that company some sometimes underestimate the need for the performance test. They believe that if the application is working good give the application pass functional testing, there is no need to test the application for performance. But if your application is not tested for performance then maybe there may some anomalies exist in the application which main drags you to the road of loss. You can measure the difference between functional testing and performance testing very easily. But if you miss any of this then maybe you will suffer.