New trends constantly appear out of nowhere. It is important for an online business to grow and to stay ahead of the competition. Researching various markets and niches for trendy products can give that slight edge over the competition as well as bring huge success to an online business.

Many newcomers in the e-commerce business don’t know where to start and make beginners’ mistakes. They do not devote their time to researching the niche and the competitors and try to sell a product that hundreds of other retailers are already selling. In this article, we will show you where and how to find trendy products to sell.

Social media

With social media platforms becoming more popular by the day, a large number of companies view this as a very promising opportunity to sell products and research public demand. Let’s look at the most popular platforms that can be useful in finding and selling trendy products.


Pinterest at its core is a catalog of great ideas. Many people may find inspiration in the content that is posted on this platform. Pinterest offers its members to find, share, and organize new creative ideas.

First of all, you need to create an account. The next step is to subscribe to thematic boards, follow bloggers and popular topics. Through this content, you will see new products that are in demand. Don’t forget to analyze buyable pins, you can find useful ideas there as well.

Many companies use Pinterest as one of the tools to promote their products, that’s what makes this platform great to look for trending products.


YouTube is generally treated as a platform where users create and post video content. How can it be used to find trending products?

Since it has a lot of creators, many of them observe various niches and report what products are currently popular and what is trending.

Informing yourself through the content of other creators with a big following is an easy way to find products that are in demand.


Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media platforms. It has a lot of tools for companies to promote their products.

Here you can look up people and companies who are devoting their time and money researching the trending products and subscribe to them. All you need to do is to follow and analyze their content. Then, choose what niches are more favorable to you personally and what products you would like to sell.


Facebook, to this day, is still the most popular social media platform.

The number of active users is also through the roof. Following and analyzing competition is an integral part of finding popular products.

Don’t forget to observe thematic groups that are related to your niche as it is always a great way to find trending and relevant products.

How to find trendy products on online retail platforms

If you wish to create a highly demanded and competitive online store, you need to analyze popular products on other retail platforms. Without going into extra detail, let’s look at the best retail platforms.


It is one of the biggest online auction retail platforms. The eBay marketplace research tool allows you to easily find the most popular categories and products on this platform.


As of right now probably the biggest online retail platform where you can find new product ideas for your store. Looking at Amazon’s best sellers, you can get accurate market data because the information is updated hourly, so all the lists are always relevant.


One of the best platforms to find not only trending products but also high-quality goods that you can pick out for your e-commerce business.

AliExpress offers free shipping and has reliable suppliers. Not a lot of online retail platforms can offer this.

The process of finding trending products is quite easy. All you need to do is enter a keyword related to your products, filter out the search results by the number of orders and the rating of a store. The results of the search will show you the best available products.

Finding trendy products with the help of online analytical tools

With the help of online analytics tools, you’ll be able to find products that have already been hot for some time or those that are just on the rise of popularity. Here is a list of tools that will help you find popular products:

Google Trends

The most popular tool for finding trending products is Google Trends and it’s a must for any e-commerce entrepreneur.

By entering related keywords, you’ll see useful information on the current state of a product or niche. The search results show you when people were most interested in a particular search query.

If you aren’t satisfied with the results and require additional ideas, you can look at the “related queries” feature.


This is the world’s biggest crowdfunding platform. On this website, you can find the newest project people are creating and working on. There are many useful and innovative ideas that you can integrate into your business.

Trend Watching

On this website, experts with vast experience in different areas will provide you with the most reliable insights. You’ll be able to find reports on the hottest trends in the world.

Trend hunter

Ran out of ideas? Here is a website where you will find up to date ideas of people from all over the world.


This site offers its users the most promising business projects and ventures. A great place to find new ideas to sell trendy products.

Tools for finding trending products

Google Keyword Planner

It’s a useful tool for researching keywords for related niches. Using it, you can predict what products are going to be valuable and estimate the level of competition.

Moz Keyword Explorer

It’s similar to the tool mentioned above. Although, there are other additional helpful features. One of these features is called Difficulty which showcases the level of competition in the chosen niche. Other features are organic CTR, priority and also a SERP analysis.


Like the services mentioned before, it allows searching for the main and related keywords. Here you can find websites related to the keyword search queries, which can help you with the development of your business.

A quick guideline of how to use analytical tools to find trending niches and products

For a better understanding, here are a few examples of how to use these tools. Let’s take a look at Google Trends.

If you haven’t decided what niche you should focus on, Google Trends can be of great help in this regard. Let’s say, for example, you want to pick sportswear as your niche. If you enter any related keywords in the search box, you will see that the trend is growing constantly. This means that there is a high demand for these products.

But, we have to take into consideration that the level of competition is very high because people usually prefer already established famous brands and search for brands such as Nike and Adidas. Competing with these brands may turn out to be a waste of your time, energy and money. Take this into account when choosing your niche.

However, a niche that isn’t so common and has a loyal audience may turn out to be a gold mine for an e-commerce entrepreneur. So search carefully and weigh in all possible options.

How do you use Google Trends to find trending products?

Let’s say, for example, you’ve chosen to sell men’s shoes. If we take a look at the search results on Google Trends regarding this category of products, we will see that the holidays seem to be the time that the results for the shoe peak. The results also tend to increase during the offseason.

That means these products have a seasonal demand which you can use to your advantage if you prepare properly.

Moz Keyword Explorer shows a lot of helpful new data information. The keyword suggestions interface shows only several details: similar or related keywords, relevancy, and monthly volume. The Monthly volume shows you how often a term or phrase is searched for in Google each month. Relevancy is rated by 5 dots. The more dots, the more relevant the search request is.

Again, if we look up ‘Men’s shoes’ search requests, the tool will show that it is a very relevant request, as can be seen by 5 dots. And it is a very common search query, which can be seen by monthly volume (11.5-30.3K)

Many marketing specialists view Moz Keyword Explorer as a multi-purpose tool for SEO activities and market research.

We hope that this information will be useful to you and will help you in the development of your online business. With the help of the listed tools, you are bound to find the right product ideas and showcase the most popular and trendy products in your online store.