Blogging is one of the best ways to get involved in any industry that otherwise feels so exclusive that you have no idea how to make any headway. Fashion is no exception- successful fashion bloggers are recognized all over the world and also sent makeup and clothes from time to time for reviews. That is as good as it gets. If you don’t know what it takes to start a fashion blog and stand out in this really crowded arena, then read on.

Getting Started

The omnichannel approach is the way to go about with blogging nowadays. You should open up a blog and simultaneously build social media profiles on at least Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With a host of apps and tools like IFTTT and other automation services, posting across multiple platforms is super easy and manageable. The first step, however, is picking a name. You need a name that is unique and consistent across all your platforms, one that people identify directly with not only you but also the theme of your blog, and finally something that doesn’t throw up a lot of confusing results when searched for.

For your blog, you should consider WordPress. It is a powerful, intuitive CMS used by over 75 million users. Once you set it up on your domain, you are all set. Instagram is even easier to set up; your profile can be up in under a minute, after which all you have to do is learn the ins and outs of the platform, gather real Instagram likes organically, and keep posting.

Fashion Blogging Essentials

The fashion world is already full of a number of high-quality, attractive, and popular blogs. To make your presence known in this situation, you will need diverse content and an original voice. Be it through the design of your blog or the way you get your followers to engage on Instagram; a likable personality goes a long way to attract followers. As for the content, here are some tips:

Cover Celebrity Styles: People worship celebrities and are dying for exclusive content about their favorite stars. If you are able to cover that in your Instagram profile with pictures and unique insights, you will be a smash hit.

Be Relatable: Instead of taking the glitzy high road, try making a fashion statement and inspiring people while ensuring that your wardrobe is mostly affordable so that they can identify with you. This goes a long way. You could also go for DIY projects and tutorials because creativity is always appreciated online.

Post Frequently, Post Well: Omnichannel success is achieved only if all channels together establish your presence on the cyberspace, but each channel can stand on its own. You should be posting frequently across all your channels but also have some Instagram exclusives. Long posts work better on blogs, while eye-catching ones almost certainly look great on Instagram. Post on a different channel on a different day every week so that your users stay interested. Write strong, grammatically correct content and tell stories and give tips while you’re at it.

Use Your Discretion

Your blog is yours only, but that doesn’t mean you post whatever you want; that often compromises the quality. A blog or social profile that covers only promotional content is looked upon as an advertising profile and not taken very seriously. This is why you should either be picky about your review samples or spread out the reviews so that they don’t saturate the audience’s feeds. You must ensure your content is 100% original, even if it means you have to reduce the frequency of your posts; it is worth it.


In a fashion landscape dominated by stylish Instagram profiles and popular bloggers and vloggers, making a name for yourself can be quite daunting. You should build from the bottom-up and never forget your roots, even when you become popular. Stick to your signature style and don’t ape the popular profiles just in pursuit of some clicks. Do infographics and videos if you’d like, or go for snazzy web design. If something doesn’t satisfy you, go for a complete overhaul, even if it means not being able to post for a few days or having to take the website off. In the end, your blog is your outlet, so you should have fun doing what you love.