Who has ever heard of Earlobe Surgery?

In a recent episode of The Kardashians, the mother Kris Jenner underwent an earlobe reduction surgery. At age 62 Kris was ashamed of her drooping earlobes. Many people feel the same way but did not know that they could have a simple earlobe repair fix to correct what they felt were deformities that everyone was looking at.

Having read or viewed the episode highlighting Ms. Jenner’s operation, more individuals are asking their doctors about how to improve the appearance of their earlobe. For people in their 40s plus, it is only natural that the collagen of the ear begins to lessen resulting in the earlobe showing wrinkles and fine lines.

It is emotionally and psychologically important to understand that it is feasible and relatively simple to bring back youth to our lobes. You can now augment the appearance of aged earlobes or earlobes which are split or even torn.

Are you thinking of piercing your ears as well? We recommend going for medical ear piercing to keep your ears healthy and not risk infection.

What Is Earlobe Surgery?

We can see the benefits of modern cosmetic surgery procedures where you can have your facial appearance refreshed, have your neck fat removed, so there are no more double chin problems, there are non-surgical Botox injections that are even used in the dentistry industry. Now, you can choose to have your earlobes corrected.

Earlobe surgery is fondly called a ‘lobe job’ or an ‘earlobe lift.’ Lobe jobs can correct any earlobe problem with ease. Just like other parts of the body, as we age, earlobes also droop or sag making you look older, and your facial symmetry is off. Earlobe reduction surgery is a safe and aesthetically pleasing operation that removes extra skin and tissue, then reshapes the earlobes to make a better proportional appearance.

Aging is not the only reason why earlobes will hang down lower than they are naturally intended to do. Wearing heavy earrings over the years will result in a pulling down or stretching of the lobe until it is out of shape, lacks elasticity and its natural firmness.

More men and women are seeking earlobe repair fixes to correct the damage done by wearing earrings or to reverse the effects of having earlobe piercing done which has stretched the earlobe completely out of shape, sometimes leaving a hole in the lobe itself.

What Is the Science Behind Earlobes?

Earlobes are simply cartilage and fat with nerve endings which to some people is sensitive and sexy to the touch. But the function and nature of earlobes is to keep our ears warm and to provide facial and body balance. The earlobe for centuries has been the focus of ear piercings by sailors, pirates, kings, and celebrities.

Earlobes are also a form of personal identification and hereditary appearance. Earlobes are not all a-typical, their shape is not the same. Aside from diseases or illnesses that can deform the earlobe, there are two consistent types of earlobes identified by science: free hanging and attached earlobes.

• Free Hanging Earlobes are the most common or normal type of lobes. This type of earlobe hangs below the upper part of the ear that is attached to the side of the head. This happens due to the DNA gene of our parents. This is known to be the result of the dominant chromosomes allele (gene types).

• Attached Earlobes do not hang down. Instead, they are rounded and attached directly to the side of the head. Attached Earlobes are due to the absence of our parent’s dominant allele within the chromosomes.

Where Do I Get Earlobe Help?

What are the earlobe symptoms that modern plastic surgeons can repair? These include the following:

• Hereditary aberrations

• Thinning earlobes due to aging

• Sagging and wrinkled earlobes

• Stretched earlobes (both horizontally and vertically)

• Earlobes that were damaged due to an injury

Earlobe repairs performed by a plastic surgeon is the best procedure to normalize our earlobes to a natural symmetric facial appearance that other people probably won’t even notice. That is how proficient plastic surgeons are. They can give us back our self-esteem and correct our irregularities without great public notice.

Fortunately, plastic surgery means that there is no need to live with features that make you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. Earlobe repairs and earlobe reductions can still transform how you feel about yourself by restoring your confidence and self-esteem.

Earlobe Procedures

Earlobe lifts or lobe jobs are designed to help with various problems like elongation, skin texture, enlargement, and earlobe shaping to give us a more youthful natural appearance. To fix earlobe problems or to address aging ears, there are a couple of different procedures that are quite popular.

The first procedure is the dermal filler injection which is used on the earlobe using an ultra-fine needle. Fillers help to lift and plump up sagging earlobes, smooths wrinkling earlobe skin textures and lessens the little holes and indentations left behind in piercings.

Dermal brand Injections are generally pain-free, but your plastic surgeon will still apply a topical numbing solution. Many earlobe revitalization results can last years because earlobes are cartilage in nature and not muscles which move about. Yes, ladies, you can continue to wear earrings.

Earlobe surgery is performed to repair earlobes that have been distorted from being torn, stretched, naturally (DNA) elongated, or split. Earlobe surgery is an outpatient procedure done with local anesthesia.

For shortening lengthy earlobes, your surgeon will actually cut away parts of the earlobe, shape then suture. For tears, holes, etc., the surgeon will cut away the skin around the tear or piercing holes, and suture the lobe back together resulting in a smoother more organic earlobe.

Yes ladies, after surgery your ears can be pierced again but by your physician. What is amazing is that you do not need to wear any type of bandages on your earlobes. Instead, you will be asked to apply an antiseptic ointment to the area to prevent any type of infection. Within a week, your stitches or sutures will be removed.

Manhattan’s Finest

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