When it comes to church groups, faith-based activities, or programs, one may think there will never be a lack of funds. But, running a church requires a dedicated team, hard work, prayers, and money!

Moreover, a church hosts several programs a year and sometimes runs out of budget. This is where the idea of church fundraising comes in! Thinking about fundraising for small churches seems overwhelming, though.

You may think that the options are limited, but there are several creative ideas to raise funds for all-sized groups. While a small church lacks in size, it makes up for passion, creativity, and commitment.

Below are the seven unique fundraising ideas for small churches to get started-

Host A Sale For Church Fundraiser

You might have heard, ‘One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.’ Encourage the people to clean their used household items, shoes, or clothing and bring them to the churchyard fundraising sale.

While no one wants to put their own sale, but many people have some things they like to get rid of, particularly if it is for a noble cause. Gather the volunteers, sort things, apply tags, and arrange donations.

Furthermore, place a donation jar next to the checkout line, and encourage additional gifts towards the cause. You can also sell baked food during the yard sale to drum up more interest.

Cakewalk Church Fundraiser

A cakewalk is a classic carnival game everyone will love to play at your next church fundraiser. Ask the church and community members to sign up and donate a pie or a cake. The more the number of cakes, the more the winners!

For cakewalk, tape numbers in a circle on the floor, depending on the group’s size. Duplicate the numbers on a paper and put the chits in a large bowl. Place a table and display all the cakes and pies.

Start some music; the cake walkers will dance around the circle. As the music stops, they will claim the number closest to them. The leader will draw a number from the bowl, and the person standing on that number wins and chooses the cake.

Charity Dog Wash

Everyone knows about fundraising car washes. But, a fundraiser dog wash is sure to turn the heads! Pet parents will support your cause, and the doggy will appreciate all the treats while he gets as scrubbing. So, drag out the buckets, hoses, suds, and turn the church parking into a dog bath space.

Raise Funds By Creating A Church Cookbook

Does your church have a member who makes the best chili or bake the best cakes? Do people often ask about the recipe for the same? If yes, a church cookbook can be used as your next fundraiser.

People will consider this cookbook as a high-quality keepsake to preserve tradition and congregation stories. Even if they can find any recipe online, nothing matches a homemade choco pie crust.

You can encourage the congregants to add their favorite recipes, meaningful devotionals, or stories in the cookbook. It will foster a sense of unity in the church and make the process fun.

Fundraising Through Coffee, Art & Craft

Who doesn’t enjoy a weekend morning sipping coffee, enjoying pastries, and doing a craft together? It is a wonderful event that allows people to socialize while creating a fun craft and accomplishing your fundraising goal.

Moreover, it is one of those amazing church fundraising ideas that work all year-round. In winter, you can plan Christmas-themed art & craft fundraising with some hot cookies and chocolate. In springs, you can host Easter basket decorating fundraiser.

You can add a twist in the coffee and craft fundraiser by hosting a scrapbook gathering party. Ask people to bring the printed photos of their family members they want to put into an album or scrapbook. It will drive their creativity to run wild!

Night Fundraiser For The Church

Plan a friendly competition with a fun night church fundraiser. Gather questions about the local area, the church’s history, events, or whatever sparks your interest. Turn these questions into a game and have fun.

You can get more creative to raise funds for the church with this fun night. For example, you can sell tickets for a pasta dinner. Or, arrange a contest so that each table competes, and the one with the most scores wins.

Church Fundraising Using A Wheelbarrow

Place the wheelbarrow in a secret place and ask the congregants to bring their spare change to fill the barrow. You’ll be surprised how much change they are ready to donate for a good purpose. This fundraising idea is quite effective if you want to raise funds for your church without many efforts.

So, are you ready to increase your church fundraising? Now that you have unique, creative church fundraising ideas, it’s time to help the church hit the fundraising goals.