Doxo is a payment platform that offers safe solutions aiming at untangling the process of bill-payment for the parties on each side of the transaction that is customers and billers. It is acting as the safe and secure intermediary which offers payments between consumers and billers. This app lets users pay all bills from just one account along with the single login. The billers who have partnered with doxo might take benefit of free ACH, tracking of real-time payment, and the chance to make their billing network for the growing consumers above 4 million who are using the doxo app to pay all bills.

When you are feeling like there is always a bill that you forget to pay, then you might be right. Jim Kreyenhagen is the vice president of the marketing department for the doxo app. According to Jim, half income consumed in America on a yearly basis goes in paying bills — that is 3.9 trillion dollars per year — with an average household paying ten bills every month.

Though there is almost nothing that could make this paying bills fun-filled, doxo provides a solution that makes this process entirely secure — even ten times simpler as compared to logging into ten different accounts per month for paying ten bills.

Through serving as the secure platform which lets customers pay their bills along with a reliable and single login, the doxo app removes the tension of making bill payments monthly. It also facilitates a more reliable and faster process for the parties involved.

The Billing Market in America

Along with the growing collection of above 50,000 participating biller companies in the network, this app boasts currently the biggest billers’ directory available to pay bills using this platform. Plus, the company does estimate this has almost 250,000 billers across the country — a collection that ranges from small-town providers of utility service to large-name billing behemoths.

For instance, in the utility sector, rural utility services along with the customer base almost 5,000 are also using the billing platform of doxo. The similar is right with some other services which require paying such as electric, gas, and waste.

When you include these fragmented markets, such as the rent you may pay or associations of you homeowners, you basically expand at a rapid pace.

Above four million people are currently using the doxo app for paying their bills. The doxo’s goal is to actually map out & connect along with 250,000 billing companies nationwide, so making a more efficient and secure network for the users.

The information that we offer in billing transactions isn’t the information that we will readily share through vulnerable pathways. This is not simple to keep this information secure while making payments among different platforms.

Doxo allows its consumers to consolidate all billing payments into just one account — acting like a fireproof filing cabinet along with the sturdy padlock.

Doxo is investing in security platforms. Doxo is PCI compliant. It is adhering to the regulations & best practices needed for the high-volume bills payer. Doxo seriously protects its consumers’ data.