Are you a bowling lover who wants to know everything about the game?

Bowling is one of the most popular sports around the world and mastering it needs practice and precision. If you want to know more about the game, read-on below:

The Basics Of Bowling:

Bowling is an interactive, competitive and exciting game that requires proper technique and essential tips. Have a look at the tips to help you master the game:

The bowling posture:

Bowling posture means strong muscles, shoulders aligned in straight position, and heads-up to the arrows. Maintain a 90-degree angle with legs and rest of the body keeping fingers straight in the holes of the bowling ball. Keeping this posture will help you hit with force and implicitly.

Focus on balance:

Keeping your upper body still and maintaining the right balance when delivering the ball is as important and useful as any other thing in bowling. If you want to maintain a proper balance in the game, follow the below-mentioned approach:

  • Lean your upper body forward at about 15-20 degree angle and flex your knees
  • Avoid excessive movement of the upper body while walking on the foul line
  • Keep your sliding leg and sliding shoe aligned with the boards on the lane
  • Keep your shoulders in-line over the kneecap and wait for the swing
  • Bow your arm once you release the ball:
  • Move your arm up and down after you release the ball. This will keep the trajectory of the ball aligned in one direction. If you fail to bow down your arm, your second throw might change its path.

Which Type Of Bowler Are You?

From speedy bowlers to the firm and straight players, bowlers usually are of many different types. They are spinners, power strikers, two-handlers, but some of the most common are:

  • Crackers:

These bowlers are generally the macho bowlers who give an image of confidence and power. They are the one who makes the pins crash beautifully. They usually throw fastball rotation and often provide a dramatic backswing. Therefore, these bowlers are also called crackers. They go with the play and throw a lot of splits with force.

  • Strokers:

They are known for their accuracy. Although they are not high-end spinners as crackers, they strike the hit with precision and ease. Their smooth delivery and a low backswing offer consistent and positive results.

  • Tweeners:

Tweeners are mostly the mix of crackers and strikers. If you are not a hard striker, not an accurate one, you fall under tweener. They are versatile and can bowl in any style. Moreover, they can tailor your style and challenges with ease. They are smooth hitters and employ a mid-high backswing. You can also call them freestyle hitters as they pick every method that works best in the gameplay.

Choosing The Right Bowling Ball:

It’s not always about the lane or the bowling alley that affects the game; sometimes it’s the weight of bowling, your style and the right bawling ball that make the hits.

If you have plans to build a bowling center and looking to buy a new bowling ball to add to your arsenal, know the clients preferences first and then shop. People, mostly don’t know how to pick the right bowling ball and they take help from sellers. However, not all sellers are a pro at helping the customers to find the right ball and therefore end up giving the five ball arsenal of super aggressive balls.

If you are out for purchasing the right bowling ball for you, have a look at some of the bowling balls to help you choose your one for the bowling alley builder:

  • Plastic or Polyester ball:

Also called as a spare ball, this ball is designed to go straight and hardly hit any board. Be it, kids or adults, anyone can use this ball. It is also used by experts who don’t want to put any revolution on the ball and who want the ball to go straight and hard.

  • Urethane bowling ball:

These balls are perfect for the players who are looking to control their shot and hit. You can use these balls at home or can even play outside with them. This type of bowling ball is designed for beginners who want the reaction from their bowling ball. Beginners or high rev blowers can use the urethane bowling ball to have a controlled hook.

  • Symmetrical bowling ball:

They are in every bowling alley and are everyone’s favorite bowling ball. Their high-end performance and amazing features make them perfect for every bowler. They cover a wide range of balls, from entry one to the Strom balls and perfect for every bowler. Whether you are a left-handed player or the right one, symmetrical balls will work for you.

  • Asymmetrical bowling ball:

This ball is the cult-favorite of low rev players as they roll quickly with ease. This is also the favorite of high-speed bowlers to hit pins swiftly.

Where To Aim And How To Release The Ball

To release the ball, a bowler should understand the axis rotation and the geometry (plans, angle and axis) of the path. To properly spin the ball, observe the ball first and then throw. Make sure that your spinning is smooth and should be in two axes of rotation, i.e. vertical and horizontal.

You can also target the arrows that are on the lane to hit a shot. Pick a close target arrow to have a consistent shot. Although it’s the bowler’s preference, aim at the centre arrow to roll a straight ball.

Some bowlers also aim at dots that are evenly distributed at the lane and are closer than the arrows. No matter how you aim, keep in mind that you shouldn’t look for the bowling pins if you want to hit a shot.

So, now that you know the type of bowler you are and which ball would suit you have your ball and start practicing.