Wouldn’t it be exciting to know that the cravings you often have for chocolates can actually be satiated without much thinking? Yes, chocolate isn’t the sin food anymore, it has loads and loads of benefits. But, there is a catch, not every chocolate is good for you.

Before you plunge into this not-so-sinful food, know the beauty benefits of chocolate along with its health benefits.

Type of Chocolate To Eat For Good Health

You might have a thoughtful of ideas of the ways that chocolate is going into your tummy. But before you make it a plan and just jump into its consumption, let’s break it up for you. Not all chocolates are healthy for you. Yes, sorry but that’s true. Dark chocolates are the only types that have been proven good.

Following is the checklist to observe before proceeding on to anything:

  • Read the label of the chocolate
  • Make sure that it contains 70% cocoa content
  • Do not weigh milk and sugar into healthy bars
  • If the flavonoids are present in more amount, that’s better, the bitter it is, the healthier the effects are.

Ways To Use Chocolate For Ultimate Benefits


Chocolate for Skin

Applying chocolate or cocoa powder on the skin helps to keep it soft and moisturized throughout. The recipe to make chocolate beneficial for your skin is as follows:

  • Grab some cocoa, olive oil, brown sugar, vanilla extract and mix them all with water in a bowl.
  • Mix them well and start applying it on your skin.
  • Massage gently with fingertips, let it sit for some time.
  • Rinse with cold water thereafter. The effects will be visible immediately.

Chocolate For Lips

Did you know chocolate can be used to make your lips smooth and plumper? Well, now you know. Not that you can apply chocolate directly to your lips for results, but the following has to be done religiously for your own lip balm at home:

  • Make yourself familiar with the concept of a double boiler.
  • Take 4 cubes of dark chocolate with jojoba oil in it and add it to the double boiler.
  • Add honey to the melted chocolate.
  • Let the mixture cool down and apply the mixture on your lips.
  • Let sit for 5-10 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

Chocolate For Hair

Chocolate has shown wonderful results for hair as well. It strengthens hair and makes them shine naturally. The unsweetened dark chocolate can be used to make a hair mask.

  • Mix melted dark chocolate with honey and yogurt.
  • Mix all the ingredients and let rest for one hour.
  • Apply it for 20 – 30 minutes and rinse with cold water.
  • You will notice that the hair mask helps in adding shine and luster to the locks.

Apart from the beauty benefits of chocolate, you can mark various other benefits it possesses. Consuming dark chocolate helps to uplift mood, gives strength and endurance. It also helps to keep cholesterol levels in check along with reducing the risk of heart diseases.