Website Monetization
Website Monetization

For any Internet user in 2019, an own website is not only entertainment but also a unique perspective for passive earnings. If one wishes, this money can easily be made the only source of income. However, in order to make a profit from a site, you need to monetize it.

For the site to really bring money and its monetization not to scare away site just formed audience, it is necessary to monetize correctly. And not all ways of monetization can bring big money.

When is the time to start monetizing the site?

The idea that you can earn money on the site comes to almost everyone who creates their first website. Many create sites just because of this idea. In a short time, such people usually give up their project. “It did not work out quickly; it means it is impossible to earn money on sites” -so think those who create a site only for the sake of money.

But here is the question: is the site with attendance of 10-20 people a day able to bring at least some money? And is this site interesting to advertisers in general? The answer is obvious. There must be high attendance. An advertiser feels fine not when advertising costs cheap, but when it brings results.

That is why before beginning to monetize a site, it has to be worked on: brought into a decent form in order to be attractive for both visitors and advertisers. Fill it with interesting content that will attract a large number of people. Get a regular audience (at least 100-200 visitors per day). And after that, it is time to monetize the site.

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The most popular and profitable ways to monetize a site in 2019

Often something new is well forgotten old stuff. There are seven reliable methods of monetization that work well in 2019.

  1. Affiliate marketing: You publish ads on the site and get rewarded for advertisers’ sold goods or services. This is the best way to make money, which makes money, but does not harm the position of the site in a search engine and its reputation among visitors.
  2. Google AdSense for well-known contextual advertising.
  3. Create a membership website, and people will pay you to get the membership content.
  4. Sell your own digital product – anything from photos and videos to books and soft.
  5. Flip websites: buy, improve, sell them for higher prices.
  6. Accept donations from visitors for your good work and support as Wikipedia does.
  7. Set up an e-commerce site because the content is not the only thing that can enrich you. Remember that in this case, it is obligatory to have services or products to sell.