where is jakarta

Say your company has sent you to Jakarta on a work trip and once your work commitments are completed, you realize you have twenty-four hours in the city. You will be surprised how much there is to do in Jakarta…apart from shopping. Naturally, you will want some souvenirs.

However, you need not spend all day browsing the malls. Granted; Jakarta is crowded, and the traffic jams are terrible. Jakarta is a 24-hour city, and you do not have to go far to find activities to fill your day.

One of the Busiest Cities

Almost all cities in the world are busy; always bustling with movement and activity. You can trust that few cities are busier than Jakarta. There are always trains, buses and all manner of other vehicles going to and from places. The air is therefore far from pleasant.

What is there to do in One Day in Jakarta?

There are some very interesting places to visit here and a lot of activities to keep you busy. In fact, if you are not careful, you may give up a good night’s sleep altogether. Here are a few things you will find to do in Jakarta in 24 hours.

The Museums

The museums in Jakarta the haunts for history buffs and anyone interested in the history and culture of Indonesia. You can learn a lot about the colonial history of Indonesia as well as the Dutch domination.

The Jakarta History Museum is a wealth of history that can fill in the gaps left by your history lessons. The Wayang Museum is rich in information about Jakarta culture and traditions. The two museums are located next to each other so you will have an easy time of it.

Visit the Batavia Café for Lunch

Your Ayana Luxury Hotel has excellent food and the service is of international standards. However, you may want to experience some of Jakarta’s famous Cafés for a whole different experience. Batavia is one such café.

The menu is diverse, and you have an awesome view to enjoy as you enjoy a truly delicious meal. The decoration is colonial as is the ambiance.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

If you want to travel the length and breadth of Indonesia in one day, this is the place to go. In this miniature park, you will find buildings in different Indonesian architecture in the park. Every island has its unique style of building houses and you are bound to find that fascinating.

Ancol Dreamland

This place gives you a theme park, a beach as well as a golf course; all in one place. You can enjoy a game of golf, laze around the beach or enjoy the waterslide and Ferris wheel and get cooled off by the water. Indonesian weather is tropical and there are some really hot days, the waterslides are a great help.

National Monument

No one goes to Jakarta and passes up a chance to climb up the national monument. Monas, as it is called, is a symbol of Indonesia’s independence. An elevator will take you up the 132-meter high monument for a magnificent view of the city.

The Skye Bar & Restaurant

This rooftop bar and restaurant is a must-visit for every visitor. The locals are big on views as this is another venue that offers you an amazing view of the bustling city below. You will be dining and having drinks high above the city and enjoying the beautiful expanse of Jakarta.

The cuisine is western here and you may find quite a few tourists enjoying treats from home. You should revise your dress code to visit the facility so that you do not stick out like a sore thumb.


There are lots of places you can go to escape the noise and pollution in Jakarta. The one thing you must not do is stay indoors. You will miss out on a great experience. In fact, you will want to come back to the city for a longer stay and probably experience more of Indonesia.