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Here we are going to introduce the best learning protection training Academy that is the only Pacific West Academy. This bodyguard training will be beneficial for you in any emergency case or the case of your self-defense.

Advanced security concepts are associated with Pacific West Academy. The ASC company is working with Pacific West Academy for protection field operations. There are places where executive protection training is practiced these places are Los Angeles and San Diego. This training will improve the career of different people in the security field to a higher level.

Executive Training Programmes Of Pacific West Academy

Pacific West Academy is offering different training programs of executive protections for the students to get the opportunity of learning effect full skills for security reasons and executive protection carriers

Pacific West Academy is the best option for you to enhance your career skills and to get the chance of getting imminent employment.

Comprehensive Security Training program

A comprehensive security training program is often called CST. This type, of course, is usually offered to the students who want to complete their course in a short time that is in 12 days. This comprehensive security training program provides the chance to the students to learn skills of the realistic and fundamental base to enter the security field. This course is often done by beginners.

Pacific West Academy is enriched with professional teaching staff. In this Academy, the training is done in steps. Every step is performed periodically so that each student can learn every step confidently and accurately. Many different exercises are done physically and they teach their students practically for proper and deep understanding.

The Pacific West Academy is specially designed for the students who wish to enter the security field and to get a chance of best employment in high-end security purposes.

The comprehensive security training is affiliated with active WIOA and Workforce innovation. They aim to give better skills to their students. In this way, students become enough eligible to get the best and meaningful employment. Similarly, on the other side, the owners of different companies get a skillful security guard who is rich with all qualities and skills of a guard.

Bodyguard Training Courses And Other Courses In Comprehensive Security Training Programme

The top of the courses offered in a comprehensive security training program is the training of bodyguards, the detail of other programs are given below in detail:

Bodyguard Training And CA BSIS Guard Card

This bodyguard training is provided and offered for beginners to get a chance in the security career. For the initial stage, all beginners wish to complete the course of security guard training to work in the security line.

This program is certified and affiliated with the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services called asBSIS. People can get the bodyguard training certificate as a security officer if their graduation is completed, so in this way, they have an opportunity for getting employment in the security fields.

 CA BSIS Baton Permit:

For carrying a baton with yourself, this program will help you a lot. The qualified teachers of Pacific West Academy are willing to give a complete guideline and training with a baton. From the starting point to the endpoint all the practice is done with the baton for these students to gain experience.

This permit should be with you all the time for carrying a baton, without this permit you are not allowed to carry the baton. This certificate is issued by ASC and BSIS authorities.

Control And Arrest:

In the security field, the most important and difficult task is to capture the criminal. This requires much practice and experience therefore arrest and control program is designed for this purpose.

After completing this course you would be able to control the criminal, handcuffing, and conflict management. These skills are very meaningful for getting a job as the best security guard.


A comprehensive security training program is offering the most powerful and effective program. It helps you in learning different techniques like pulmonary resuscitation CPR. In this course, American structures are available for the students to teach them and help them in completing first aid training.

Opportunity Of The Job:

With the help of these courses, students can avail the opportunity for getting the best job. When these courses are added to their professional CV, this will increase their confidence, and the chance of getting a job increases.

Training Of Chemical Agents:

The Pacific West Academy is also offering different courses such as carrying chemical agents. This course is specially made for the complete guideline on how to carry and use Oleoresin Capsicum pepper spray, after completing this course the students will be able to carry a chemical agent.

Vehicle Operation Course: 

This course is completely taught by the instructors by both methods that are practical and in classrooms as well. In this course, the vehicle operations are performed practically for making better understanding in students.

Whenever a car goes to a high speed, the method of handling the car and other techniques in emergency cases are taught in this course. For example executive protection scenarios and enforcement law.

Why Choose Pacific West Academy:

Availability Of All Equipment:

This Academy is not limited to only shooting ranges, classrooms, and training facilities but also they are providing different real and virtual simulation equipment so that students can experience the real adventure.

Experienced Instructors: 

The Pacific West Academy guarantees their students for providing the best and qualified instructors ever and tries to teach in a more effective way


The Western Pacific Academy is considered the top Academy for the professional high-end security fields. It is in Los Angeles, California. The teaching staff is a professional, experience than fully trained.

It is an option for everyone interested to step into this security field. Different courses are helpful including the Comprehensive Security Training Program and C Certified Executive Security Specialist (CESS) Course. It is located in Los Angeles, California.