As beautiful and intimidating as it is for travelers, Australia is rather very infamous for being a little more on the expensive side. However, travel to Australia on a budget is possible thanks to the modern world discount cards, student cards, membership and hotel cards, early bookings, etc.

Australia is the sixth biggest country in the world; therefore, considering the country is so vast, a good plan on where to go and what to visit is always an essential start. If you take the time to carefully plan everything in advance, you can get an awesome vacation without breaking the bank.

Australia’s abundance of authentic pubs, family-run hotels, inexpensive restaurants offers a variety of welcoming accommodations and some of the most amazing sights you’ll ever see, without sacrificing adventure, fun, and comfort to a budget.

Luxurious Accommodation is for Everyone

Accommodation always takes the biggest bite out of the travel budget. A good deal can be a package tour that includes both a plane ticket and several nights’ accommodation in a hotel. Moreover, this way is often at sustainable savings for both.

Many accommodation chains offer discounted rates for customers that are listed as their members. You can find a good Accor hotel in Melbourne that helps you save money as it also includes special deals and packages.

To avoid great expenses, you should avoid visiting Australia at the peak of the season. In the hot summer days December to January, during the country’s school vacations you will face pricier accommodation, transportation and all other means of a good holiday.

Discounting is now widely practiced, even by the best five-star hotels. Booking an exclusive hotel several months ahead can be an affordable and beautiful winter vacation in June, July or August. Moreover, the days are balmy and nice, and the weather is much more pleasant than the too-hot and expensive summer.


In terms of airfare, the off-season runs from mid-April to the end of August. Therefore, this is the cheapest time to fly and the best time to visit Australia!

The quickest way between two points is not always the cheapest. Airlines and travel agents release offers for people prepared to travel via a lengthier route that can be cheaper and still comfortable. Frequently visit airline websites for the latest deals. Some Australian tour companies very often offer discounts for booking directly with them. Do check with the travel agency too, to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Local Transport

In major tourist towns in Australia, almost every local tour company picks you up at your door. But if you feel like renting a car to drive into town for dinner or go shopping, you can find a book one from a major agency that usually is linked with the hotel reservation or traveling agency. If you have acquired some points from hotel stays or frequent-flying, you may also get a coupon with an award traveling miles.

Before you return it fill up your rental car at the nearby gas station, not at the much-more-expensive car rental depot’s pump. Most people fill up their tanks before the weekend; therefore, gas in cities is often cheaper on Mondays.

Well, car rentals in Australia can be expensive. However, domestic flights are very reasonably priced. Flying is also much more convenient, well, unless you specifically want the driving experience.

Wine and Dine

When choosing good dining, you can keep in mind that there are a lot of places marked as BYO. This abbreviation means “Bring Your Own.” Buy wine or beer at a cheaper shop or liquor store and take it with you at the restaurant. If you are ready to spend more money on good and delicious food and still stay on budget, this way you’ll avoid paying an overpriced bottle of wine. All you pay is a corkage charge that is not more than 3 AUD.

You can find a variety of different cousins such as Indian, Cambodian, Italian, Thai, and Malaysian. They all guarantee great food at low prices and also, most of them are BYO.

Do not Compromise the Fun Time

Australians love beer anytime. You can find great pubs where drinks are cheaper than in nightclubs. Some also have live entertainment, pool, and sports video screens. Most of the pubs and bars during happy hour, that period from around 4 to 6 pm serve beer down to half price or less. Happy hours are especially common on Thursdays or Fridays.

In Australia, the big cities such as Sydney or Melbourne provide free entertainment as festivals, dance performances, free concerts and street performers mostly for the weekend. You can check any local newspaper for details.

It is very common in Australia the option to get a half-price theater tickets on the day of the performance.

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Tips and Tricks

If you are a student visitor in Australia, there is a great chance that you’ll get a discount when booking your airfare, hotel, theater or concert ticket or a sightseeing tour. Almost every museum or other tourist attraction provides a cheaper ticket for students.

It doesn’t matter what transportation do you use or what route have you chosen for your Australia trip, just remember to never backtrack or make last minute changes in your plans. In the country as big as Australia, you can waste a lot of money retracing your steps.