When it comes down to getting to know women, men are notorious for their inability to understand what women really want in a relationship, let alone understanding women of a particular nationality. However, this mini-guide will let you know everything you need to know about women with a Ukrainian background.

Ukraine ladies are one of the finest women on earth. From pretty faces to kind souls, good education to financial independence, they have everything a man could want or seek in a good woman. However, they do have preferences of their own and expected to be treated in a certain way when it comes down to dating and relationships.

Be a Gentleman

Ukrainian women seek trust and love to form genuine relationships. In order to gain their trust, you must understand what they will look for in your personality. The first thing is your behavior. Your attitude, behavior, and mannerism will count a lot towards your success as a dating prospect. If you help them put on their coat, offer them assistance where needed, and see that they reach home safely once the date is finished, you are more likely to win their hearts. Ukrainian women expect to be treated in a kind and gentlemanly way.

Watch your talk

Ukrainian women have a reserved nature. They do not open up easily and especially not on the first date. In order to make a good impression and win her heart, make sure you do not go inquiring about her past relationships on the first date only. Do not discuss her exes, etc.; instead, focus on topics of mutual interests and shared hobbies.
Similarly, do not start sharing your past ‘physical encounters’ or telling details about them. Ukrainian women expect a level of decency from men they date, and discussing past physically intimate encounters on the very first date can put them off. Thus your chances of winning your lady love’s heart might become bleak.

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Take lead in financial matters

YES! You read it right. Ukrainian culture puts its women on a high pedestal, and their countrymen literally have to offer their families a ‘ransom amount’ while seeking her hand in marriage, the acceptance of which is not in their hands. This means that even though they might be offering a good amount in exchange for asking permission to marry their daughters, their plea may be rejected. Thus, if a Ukrainian woman expects you to pay the bill of date’s expenses or even her taxi fare, it is not a big deal. They are used to such favors and expect the same from every man who wishes to date them, be it native or foreign.

Be courteous

Since Ukrainian women are the epitome of beauty, male attention and dating prospects are not a new thing for them. However, a man who treats them courteously and offers something as a token of appreciation is something they can not overlook. Given their sweet nature, if a man buys them flowers on the first date, Ukrainian women are bound to notice this act and hold such actions in high regard. Thus, it improves your chances of winning a second date with them.