In Milwaukee, a young mother’s worst nightmare nearly came true when she received a frightening call from her babysitter stating that she had been robbed while her kids and the babysitter were at home.

Nicole Christian, a young mother of two, was at work, her two kids were at home with their babysitter, when the doorbell rang. The babysitter got up to answer it, and three masked men pistol-whipped her, took her phone, and tied her up. They then ransacked the house stealing four TVs and other electronic devices to an estimated value of $3,000.

After the masked offenders had left the house, the babysitter managed to free herself and called Christian. “They got in your house.” Christian replied “I’m immediately like, ‘Where are my kids?'” the babysitter responded. “She’s like, ‘They’re fine. Get here’ and hung up.”

Christian stated “You’re out working hard, trying to provide,” and said, “What they did, I feel violated.” “It’s like, you lose all sense of security,”

When Christian got home she found all the drawers and furniture as they were left after the attack, her kid’s toys were still there as were the Halloween decorations. She stated, “My kids didn’t just lose their stuff — they lost their sense of security.”

Ever since the attack she has moved to a new apartment, even though she paid rent, she went home to take her clothes and basics, saying

She only returned to the house to get the clothes, and she’s made plans to move. “You have three men on the street that are going around beating women with pistols and robbing homes where kids are there. These are people who need to be off the streets. This is something that needs to be investigated,”

Milwaukee police said that the investigation is still ongoing and they’re looking for suspects.