Summer is an ideal time to add new landscape ideas and make an outdoor space more comfortable and good-looking. If you are searching for some ideas to shape up your house and backyard in summer, here are some helpful tips for you.

Make the Lawn Look Healthy and Green

It’s important to take care of your lawn in summer more than in any other season. Mow it biweekly and cut 2-3 inches of grass every week. Leaving the grass clippings also benefit your lawn health and beauty. Watering is a must in summer, especially on hot days. It’s essential because organic fertilizing works effectively only with a sufficient amount of water. Lawn maintenance is tough work that requires your time and knowledge. In case you can’t regularly water and feed your lawn for any reason, you can use professional services, like Propertywerks. These guys will take care of your lawn, snow removal, yard cleaning, fence building, and other related procedures.

Creative Tip:

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the lawn shapes and graphics. Your lawn can become an integral part of your backyard artistic design. Wisely-shaped lawn helps attract attention to the yard objects, separate different zones and give your landscape a tidy and comfy look.

Edge Your Garden to Add Functionality and Style

Edging helps divide space and make the lawn and garden maintenance and care more easy and effective. Garden edging also separates different types of plants and plays a big decorative role. With a wise landscape decision, your garden becomes a focal point of the property. Different materials and techniques can be used for edging. These are some of them:

  • Rocks or bricks
  • Seashells
  • Cinder
  • Terracotta pipes or pots
  • Cut logs
  • Woven garden edging
  • Bottles
  • Timber
  • Wattle

Creative Tip:

Curved edging is a simple and effective way to create a nice appeal of your garden. Look through the brilliant Pinterest ideas on how to creatively add boundaries to certain areas of your backyard. Choose the one that most reflects your individuality.

Planting Your Garden

Decide what you want to see in your backyard: trees, shrubs, herbs, flowers, etc. Every plant has its own time “window” ideal for planting. A general rule for most crops is to start planting them indoor around 6 weeks before the last frost day. Thus, these plants have enough time to grow and become strong to survive in garden conditions during summer. The majority of new plants need a lot of water and special nutrients. It’s better to ask landscape experts about the specific type of tree or bush you want to plant in your garden. If you want to add some color to your spring garden, think about planting pansies or herbs that you can use in cooking. Making a pollinator garden is also a good idea if you want to have more blooms and fruits. Such gardens support pollinators (bees, butterflies, moths, flies, beetles, wasps) providing them with food. In their turn, pollinators encourage the growth of fruits and vegetables in the garden. For this purpose, it’s better to choose plants that are native to your region. Choose plants that contain nectar or are pollen-rich, they are of multiple shapes, sizes, and colors.

Creative Tip:

Putting herbs into nice windows flower boxes is a good idea. Spring is also a perfect time to plant perennials (blanket flower, pineapple sage, may night sage, coneflower, black-eyed Susan, daylily, peony, etc.) – plants that live more than three years. If you want to add some aroma and have a bug repellent – two-in-one – choose lavender. It looks fantastic.

Make Your Patio Pop Up

If you don’t have it already, a patio is a perfect addition to your backyard design. Patios help accomplish various goals, both functional and aesthetic. They help separate green spaces and make your landscape look more attractive. Moreover, it’s convenient for people who live there providing them with a place to sit and enjoy the property, garden and sunny days. To make your patio more cozy and private, make it pop up with bright colors. Carpet, furniture, nice pillows with warm soft blankets, plants’ pots and few tables will help you create an absolutely charming environment.

Creative Tip:

Adding LED lights can also be a feather in your patio’s cap: they attract attention to specific garden zones and refresh your backyard.