A person spends one-third of his life on the bed sleeping at night. Thus it is extremely important to take care of your bedding needs on a regular interval. Bed and mattress is something that we don’t prefer to change often because, with time, we develop a sense of attachment and comfortable relationship with them. You spend a minimum of 8 hours on the mattress every day of your life.

Unfortunately, like every other thing, even mattresses are supposed to be replaced with the new ones. Waking up feeling fresh and ready to start the day depends largely on the age of your mattress and its current condition. Do you know, how to choose a new Mattress? If your answer is in negative, this articles is especially for you. If you are facing this situation for the first, just relax! Read this article to know each and every important factor to consider while buying a new Mattress.

Firstly, let us focus on the reasons why you need to change your old Mattress? You can start looking for a new Mattress if you are encountering any of these situations with your current Mattress:

  • Experiencing body pain, every morning after you wake up
  • Turning and tossing is often in your case while trying to sleep
  • Your current Mattress has signs of wear and tear along with sacking at one side or the other.
  • Your current Mattress is too hard for your body
  • Your Mattress makes irritating sound every-time you turn around
  • Your Mattress feels too warm to sleep at night
  • Your current mattress is older than 8 years. A mattress is good for you only up-to 8 years
  • You have grown too big for your Mattress, and your current mattress size is not enough for you

Now, when you know that you need a new Mattress. Lets us focus on the important factors before you make a mattress purchase. There are 10 important things you must consider before buying a new mattress to ensure you have the best Mattress for yourselves.

Do the homework first –

It is advisable to do some prior research about the product; you are willing to buy. Homework includes the research about the types of Mattress, their benefits, cost, and durability. You often come to know amazing facts and deals that are hard to find while visiting the stores physically.

  • Know your Needs

If you did your homework properly, you must be aware that every mattress has its own benefits and flaws. You need to identify your lifestyle needs. If you are experiencing some health issues consult it with your doctor to know the best mattress accordingly. A doctor may not be a mattress expert, but he will definitely give you the guidance on what your health needs.

A mattress is an expensive purchase and deserves a well-thought selection. A comfortable mattress boosts your good night’s sleep. Which in turn helps you stay energetic during the day both mentally and physically.

  • Know your Size –

Size is definitely the foremost important thing, you may want to decide. Do you want to upgrade or lower your Mattress size? Or are you moving to a new place and want to buy a bigger size Mattress? Well, this is why you should evaluate the available mattress size in the market comparing it with your required size.

You may not want to sleep on the couch if suddenly your kids want to invade your room at night. Its always better have an extra space for your kids. Consider the future possibilities too before you decide on a particular size. Pet lovers will never want their extended family member to sleep elsewhere on those cold winter nights.

  • Try before you buy –

Once you buy a mattress, you have sleep on the very same mattress every single night for at least the next 8 years. This is an expensive investment; you should be very confident about your purchase. The only way to find out how comfortable a mattress is by having a trail.

You should try a Mattress before you actually buy it. So visit a nearby store to try on Mattress. Most stores allow their customers to sleep on the mattress to help them decide better. You can take a nap, roll over it, sit and even jump a little. You must try your basic sleeping position to know if you are feeling comfortable or not? Spend at least ten minutes on each Mattress you feel like buying. If you are opting to make the purchase online, do not buy before trying it in person. By doing so, you will come to know what it actually feels like sleeping on that mattress.

  • Inquiry about the return policy or Comfort guarantees –

You should ask your dealer about the trial period or the comfort guarantees for the mattress you wish to buy. Even after you have tried the mattress, there are chances it may not feel the same way at your house. Sleeping for an hour may be comfortable but sleeping for a whole night can be troublesome on the same Mattress.

Hence it is crucial that you confirm any terms or condition for its return in case dissatisfaction. Generally, a good mattress does have a minimum of 10-year full replacement or non-prorated warranty. Most mattress dealers offer a “comfort trial” period. Normally this period is around 30 days for you to return the mattress if it doesn’t end up being as comfortable as per the expectation. Many stores charge a restocking fee if you opt to return. So better clear up all these queries before you make a deal.

  • Firmness you want –

There are no standard firmness measurements in the mattress industry. It depends on the user body weight and size. Therefore no two manufacturer firmness definition is the same. This is why you are asked to try the mattress before you buy it. As per your need, decide your own firmness and ask the dealer to show you the options accordingly.

Sometimes your firm is soft for your partner, and his firm is too hard for you, at this point, you need to make the dealer understand your needs well before finalizing a Mattress. Choose only after all your conditions are fulfilled. Your comfort will be determined by your personal liking.

  • A pillow top and Adjustable beds is an option too –

Pillow-top is added volume toward the pillow area of your mattress. These are among the trending mattress this year. The fluffy comfort is an expensive add-on to the total value of your Mattress. You may consider this only if you are heavy in weight and need additional support to your head. For the lightweight user, it is unnecessary as you won’t be able to use it up to its potential. You might feel irritation or achy in the morning because of it, therefore, you can completely ignore this if not applies to you. Rather consider buying a standard mattress and adding pillows separately.

If you are fond of the recliner chairs, you will definitely like the recliner Mattress too. You may want to enjoy your television shows before you sleep with a comfortable sitting position, hence the adjustable bed is the best option for you. This kind of beds has especially designed mattress that can be adjusted along with the bed. It offers you the option to slightly elevate your head and knees so that the pressure on the lower back is relieved. If you don’t want to add more to your budget, a pillow will help you to create the same effect.

  • Look the options –

While doing your homework, you must have encountered the several Mattress options available in the market. Therefore it will be pretty easy for you to understand the options. Out of several options, three most common types of Mattress are Innerspring, Memory Foam, and Hybrids. Every Mattress has its own advantages and side effects, so it’s better to know about each of them.

  • Innerspring mattresses:

Pros- They are the least expensive among all the options. They provide good support and a wide range of firmness measurements. It is considered to be the best for the romantic couples.

Cons – Compared to the other Mattress Innerspring Mattress aren’t very durable and long lasting.

  • Memory foam mattresses:

Pro- These are quite an expensive Mattress. Memory Form possess excellent cushioning, Which helps to cure sore joints or aching muscles. It is highly recommended for the older age people who suffer from back pains and joints pains.

Cons- Its become too warm during sleep as it entraps the body heat within. Due to it over warming ability, it is not good for romantic couples.

  • Hybrid mattresses

Pros- They have springs with a foam overlay. It works great giving the benefits of both memory foam and innerspring models. This is more widely used because of its dual characteristic.

Cons- These mattresses are required precision while manufacturing as if there is any minor fault it may create a huge effect on its overall performance.

  • Air mattresses

Pros- Air Mattress gives you the option to customize the firmness of your mattress according to your preference. Also, many dealers allow both bed partners to customize their half of the bed as per their liking. It gives you the comfort at its best.

Cons- luxury has its own cost hence Air Mattress is an expensive choice to make. You will have released an extra budget for this kind of quality.

  • Foundation of your Mattress –

If you have a bed frame, you may not need a mattress foundation. But if you don’t have a bed frame, you should have a Mattress foundation to support your Mattress. You cannot put your mattress directly on the floor as it may damage it.

However spending much on the foundation is not a wiser choice either, better look for the cheaper available option if you are buying a new size mattress. If you already have a platform consider using the same by refurbishing it.

  • Online option –

It may look unreliable but its trending nowadays. Online Mattress purchase has its own perks. You don’t have to deal with a salesman who might manipulate your choice for his profit. You can explore from a wide range of options. You can view any price range and many more other features of the Mattress.

There are a few drawbacks of online Mattress shopping like you can not try them before buying. Returning can be a complicated process, you have to dispose of your old mattress by yourself, and there is no chance of negotiation in price.

But if you shop a lot online, this might be an easier option for you. For trails, you can visit the nearest Mattress store to experience the comfort and size of the mattress.

  • Have a good budget –

You will not spend often on Mattress as it is a long-term investment. At first, it may seem a little expensive, but a good health and sleep are priceless. Depending on your financial condition save well before buying a mattress. A good Mattress will give you peaceful sleep for many years to come.

Waking up fresh every day will give you many opportunities to grow financially but a dull health will lead you to no-where. So before you decide to replace your Mattress, save a good amount of money and then go ahead.

It can be a daunting job to purchase a New Mattress. Your reason can be anything to buy a new Mattress. But your health should your priority when buying a new Mattress. A good Research will help you choose the best and save the most. Trust only on experts, reach to the special Mattress store only to choose from them as many options as available.

Keep yourself updated with the ongoing sales and discount offers on the top Mattress brands. It never harms you to save some money. Try negotiation in the delivery charges and other aspects when dealing with a salesman, they always have a window to help.

Hope you find this helpful!

Enjoy Shopping and a Good Sleep!