Have you heard of these easy ways to invest using technology?


As with any other industry, technology is making the investment process faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before. Here are three examples of technology in use for investment purposes – one general tip that you may not have thought about previously, utilizing the kit in your pocket, and two other pieces of tech hardware in the property investment world that you may be familiar with, but not for these uses!

Smartphone Applications

To start with, nearly everyone nowadays has a smartphone on them at all times. If you’re looking to get in on the investment, or just general building of your finances with savings and smart-saving solutions, why not make the most of the tech that you’re likely paying a ton for each month? There are a ton of investment apps out there for beginners, from stock trading apps such as Robin Hood to simple add-ons that will give you recommendations and advice on your spending habits, such as Cleo.

Did you know? – In their article on investment apps, Moneyunder30 state that many investors, empowered by the apps in the palm of their hands, are dumping their financial advisors entirely in favor of these programs. This might be a bit of an over-exaggeration, but it does help to explain how easy it is for anyone nowadays to invest in their free time.

Property investment mainly is an industry that has benefitted hugely in recent years from the integration of technology with the purchase and construction process. Here are a couple of tech developments you might not have thought to be beneficial in property development and investment.

Virtual Reality

Want to invest in property perhaps internationally, or in a city that you can’t necessarily get to regularly? Virtual reality technology might be the perfect way for you to get the next best thing after a physical viewing. By immersing the user in a fully-3d version of what the property will look like, this ‘virtual viewing’ captures the same essence.

This sort of technology is also perfect for off-plan investments (investments in in-progress builds that are still in the planning or construction phases), which are some of the most popular at the moment since they provide early-bird access to a specific investment area. Rather than having to invest in a property based on expectations and other similar builds in its vicinity, investors can get a proper feel for the property, and its size and scope, in conjunction with other high-quality CGI images and information on the build.

Tip – If you want to invest in an off-plan development, perhaps try and find a company that will offer these sorts of bonuses, so that you can be as confident as possible in your purchase before you go ahead with it for the long term. RWinvest is an excellent example of this, offering VR visuals and supporting CGI’s as part of their journey laid out for investors.

Drone Technology

An airborne piece of tech that has a lot of different uses, you might not think that drones fit in with the world of property investment, but they’re proving to come in quite useful on the development and construction side of the industry. There are already experiments and tests on how drones can help with the building of the properties themselves, but now, many companies use high-quality drones and drone photographers to capture unique angles and insightful perspectives on construction projects as they’re going ahead.

This is perfect for investors, and ultimately makes their investment journey a hell of a lot easier. Giving them a brilliant vantage point over the property and showing it in relation to its surrounding points of interest, it helps them to make their decision if they’re planning an investment or gives them insight from afar if they’ve already invested and want an update on how their property is getting on.