There’s something fabulous about arriving in style! Whether you happen to be getting on an airplane or you’re heading off for an epic road trip, enjoying the journey there is all about what you wear. But, what’s comfortable when it comes to travel can be different for everyone. While some opt for high fashion to feel their best, others like to keep it casual and stay in flexible, breathable clothes that can last the whole day through!

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most comfortable travel garments out there, whether you’re traveling by way of an adventurous sport like motorbiking or you’re keeping it in first class. From leggings to sweaters you can sink right into, here are some ways to keep yourself comfortable for the journey to your final destination.

1. A Zip-Up Hoodie

Few exercise items are classic like the hoodie, whether you throw it on for a morning stroll or like to take it along for after the gym. Fortunately, a zip-up hoodie also has great versatility when it comes to layering for a long flight. While it can keep you warm when the air is a bit cooler at the beginning of your flight, it will also provide something to bundle in when the time comes to pull out the travel pillow.

2. Wicking in the Wind

It’s one thing to hop on a plane to get from Point A to Point B, but if you’re hitting the road dressing for comfort can be a completely different story. Instead of foregoing planning, be sure to invest in thin garments you can layer that have wicking properties to keep you cool. The right garments can go a long way towards enjoying the journey.

3. Leggings with Pockets

Leggings not only serve as a comfortable gymwear but they can also be a go-to item when it comes to the start of a long journey given their stretch-factor and flexibility. Fortunately, you can also get this popular item with pockets too, which can be great for holding onto cash, your personal identification or your airplane ticket. Whatever the case, leggings will always leave you feeling comfortable.

4. A Long Sweater

There aren’t too many pieces of clothing that work for the crisp days of fall and the early ones of spring, but a long cardigan can be ideal when it comes to getting on a plane or into a car. While it affords the opportunity for removing layers as you wish, keep it out of the way of any airplane tray spills if you’re a wine lover as these sweaters can take up a lot of extra space.

5. A Sleeveless Knit

There’s no reason you can’t be comfortable and arrive in style, and for those days consider a sleeveless cable-knit sweater that will keep you feeling elegant and fancy-free. By keeping it simple and streamlined on the bottom, this garment can be a great way to dress up a simple, road-ready outfit.

6. Feminine and Flowy

There’s something to be said for being completely comfortable while you travel, but that doesn’t mean that style has to hang in the balance. A simple pair of leggings is ideal, but try dressing them up with a flowy, feminine top that will keep you casual but maintain the comfort factor too. A perfect attire to be ready for a round of drinks with your buddies as soon as you land.

7. Dark-Wash Jeans

It can often be best to keep things simple when it comes to travel or have layers that can dress you up. Fortunately, dark jeans and a plain T-shirt can be ideal for a long day of travel, and still leave you feeling good-to-go. And, if you want to step up the look, you can always wear a customized t-shirt that will also add a personal touch to your outfit.

8. A Belted Dress

A long sweater or the right coat may be great for nestling into on a really long flight, but for warmer temperatures, you may want to dress up a little while still dressing down. Instead of just a flowy frock for comfort, try accessorizing with a scarf or a corset belt that will instantly make your look super-stylish and keep you plane-prepped!

9. A Wooly Coat

If it’s a colder time of year and a big sweater won’t quite do it, a wooly coat that covers you up completely can be perfect for a grueling day of travel. While you may have to take it off on your jaunt through customs, it’s perfect for nestling into on the plane and will make you feel like your destination is much closer.

10. A Wide-Leg Trouser

Leggings and exercise pants can be ideal staples for any long journey by plane or road, but if you’re thinking high-end, a wide leg trouser can be key in achieving a flattering look that goes the distance! While this look is pretty fashion forward, the wide-leg aspect will keep you comfortable as long as you choose a lightweight, flexible fabric.

With these 10 travel outfit ideas, you can travel in comfort without compromising on your style.