The IT sector is perhaps one of the fastest-growing industries around the world. In fact, the majority of countries can claim that IT is booming. Many non-tech companies now have a special IT sector or hire managed IT services in order to upgrade their business.

However, some countries out there are doing better than others. Let’s take a look at the countries that are leading the IT revolution at the moment. Read on!


The United States is a somewhat obvious choice for this list. Some of the biggest IT companies, such as Microsoft and Apple, are from this country. The US is still considered a leader of the IT sector in the entire world, and many people agree that it will stay that way in the near future.

Even when you look at the past of the USA, it seems that the entire nation is founded on a long streak of technological revolutions, and that trend doesn’t seem to have ceased to exist to date.

One of the places that really make the IT sector of the USA stand out from the crowd is the iconic Silicon Valley, where most of the innovation in the industry takes place. It is a hub for some of the most brilliant minds in the world right now, and it’s working full steam ahead. Needless to say, companies such as Intel and Dell are really making a difference and create room for rapid progress in the future.


What we can say about the Japanese people — they are hard-working, dedicated, and creative. They managed to emerge on top of every list of leading countries, and they also have a very powerful IT sector. Their companies, such as Sony, Canon, and Nintendo, are known around the world and are often the main competitors to some of the US-based companies.


China has been struggling for a very long time, but it eventually emerged to become one of the three superpowers, next to Russia and the USA. In fact, their IT industry has become so developed that they became one of the main competitors in the USA. The two countries are battling for the global market, as companies such as Huawei and Alibaba are offering valuable alternatives to Amazon and Apple.

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South Korea

The first thing many people think about when someone mentions technology in South Korea is Samsung — and there’s a good reason for that. Samsung has been one of the most popular technology companies in the world for some time now and is the main competitor to Apple when it comes to technological devices — mainly mobile phones. Samsung alone has improved the IT industry of South Korea by far, but there are other popular companies that use IT to improve their services such as Hyundai and LG.


The Swiss are always up there with countries such as Japan, South Korea, the US, and China when it comes to technology. The country gave birth to some really popular tech companies such as Swisscom, Logitech, and Sunrise. However, it is also home to numerous offices from big companies, including Microsoft, Google, HP, Dell, and more. The reason why so many big companies have offices there is that Switzerland has always been a sort of a gathering place for all the masterminds in Europe.


The technology is undoubtedly moving forward, and the IT sectors around the world do their best to make our lives easier and more comfortable. There are millions of people around the globe working in various tech companies and providing IT services for various clients. They make sure that all technological devices and pieces of software are serviced and updated in order to help humankind.

Some countries have made a bit more progress than others, but they do not hesitate to share it with the rest of the world. In fact, big companies from the leading countries have offices in numerous other countries, employing people from every corner of the globe. In other words, they have realized that we can improve our technology and overcome challenges only if we work together.

To sum up, some countries might be more technologically advanced than the others, but, at the end of the day, they will use that technology in order to help the underdeveloped ones and pave the way for them to make progress.