For insurance agents across the country, one of the most consistent ways of generating income is promoting to auto insurance leads. Traditionally, leads used to be generated mainly via referral. But since there are so many competing agents and fewer uninsured automobile owners, lead generating via referral only, is no longer sustainable. That’s why you need to know how you can generate the best auto insurance leads in Las Vegas.

Generally, auto insurance leads company or auto insurance agent will try multiple methods. However, not all of them bear fruit, and few of them will get you quality leads. So, here’s a low down on lead generating for auto insurance in the most sustainable way possible.

#1 Partnership with Car Dealerships

There are plenty of car dealerships in Las Vegas. Getting associated with them can help you get quality leads as they can refer you whenever they have a new buyer. This works to the benefit of the dealerships as well, since they can offer a single-stop solution to their customer, who now would not have to deal with the headache of finding credible insurance agents.

#2 Tie-Ups with Auto Service Centers

Service centers need customers to pay for their services and while most of them already have an insurance policy that might cover the cost, some of them will not. You can partner up with the service centers to get those leads directly. Again, these would be warm leads that would already be pre-qualified. Additionally, it’s easier for service centers to collect directly from insurance companies.

#3 Advertise with Gas Stations

The prime objective when choosing your lead generation methods is to get in front of your prospective customer. Car owners frequently need to visit their local gas station and having your advertisements up in nearby stations will surely get you in front of your target customer. So, the next time, their car insurance is up for renewal, they’ll know who to call. Remember to put in your phone number and website (if any) on the advertisement.


#4 Partner Up with Driving Schools

Similar to auto dealerships and service centres, driving schools are rife with people who are either planning to buy a new car or have recently bought a new car. That’s exactly the kind of leads you need. You can even ask the dealerships for the profiles of their recent sign-ups. If that doesn’t work out, you can always ask them to refer the clients.

#5 Local Auto Club Memberships

Auto clubs are the perfect meeting place for car aficionados. These people love the smell of gasoline and the sound of a purring engine. It’s a great place to network and can get you a ton of business, just because there can be potential car collectors and serial purchasers at the club. Remember, to dress up your car knowledge, so that you can network better. Otherwise, you might find it hard to mix in.

#6 Advertise Outside Major Events

Las Vegas is home to some of the biggest events in the country. That might be a concert, magic show or comedy club or even a daredevil stunt performer. Make it a habit to keep in touch with the latest happenings and events around you, so that you can be there at the car parking lot. It’s usually a great place to find potential customers and can get you a lot of exposure.

#7 Social Media Pages

With the world going mobile, every business worth their salt knows that you have to have a web presence. But a website is not enough! You need to be on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, if you are to become accessible to people. These sites can be a free (as well as paid) source for some advertisements. You can put up important and value-added information, tidbits and content that can help people understand the importance of auto insurance.


#8 Take Up A Stall At Your Local Car Show

Auto shows and car shows are great places to meet your target customer. It’s usually filled with car and bike enthusiasts and having a kiosk to showcase your services can get you a lot of eyes. You can also host a free lottery or draw and use that to generate some leads. Additionally, remember to have someone move around in show so that they can meet and greet people in other areas of the event.

#9 Advertise On Buses

If you already have an established business and are looking for some alternative ways to generate leads, you can try advertising on buses. These are often one or two liner ads with your profile image and your phone number. Make sure the catchphrase is cool and easy to remember so that people can easily associate you with the ad. It’ll help you get some nice traction and get you recognized almost instantly.


These methods try and utilize the best free and paid method which you can use to generate cheap auto insurance leads in Las Vegas. However, not all of them will suit you. If you can’t get enough results or do not have the time to try these out, you can directly buy your leads. We at Insurance Telemarketer, offer you with a list of prospective customers and their details. If you want, you can have the list filtered so that the leads are already pre-qualified and ready for you to hit the ground running.