5 Ways You Can Be Creative With Your Essay Writing And Get A Better Grade Next Time


Teachers have to go through a lot of essays to grade, which usually amounts to more than 100 essays. You can expect how repetitive t and monotonous the task gets, especially when students have put in the bare minimum in the essays. This will also tell you that teachers are not that difficult to impress because the slightest bit of effort will show them that you are a hard-working student. However, we know of some ways that you can use to your advantage when you have to write your next essay, so let’s get into them!

You can use the comparison method

Depending on what the topic is, you can always compare what you are writing to some existing work of other others. This technique tends to work with English literature essays a lot because there are common themes that are present in most texts, and you can always compare and contrast with some other texts. This will help your essay stand out and also insinuate to the teacher that you are knowledgeable about English literature. When it comes to the comparison method, you have to be careful to not plagiarize the work of other authors, and ensure that you always have the appropriate citations. If you need help writing a paper that uses the same technique, look at how other people write their essays.

Use visuals

Sometimes teachers give the students the freedom to do whatever they want in the essay, as long as they are able to produce a quality one. If you have the opportunity to do this, you should try to use pictures and other types of visuals that will help explain your essay or paper better. Be careful that the essays do not take too much attention away from the essay itself, but should instead be used as a good supporting document.

Use polished language

Since essays and papers are of academic nature, you need to be careful with the language you use. The better your grammar is, the better the grade you will get. It is important to stay away from a casual style of writing because that is not what teachers are looking. You have to use an objective point of view and communicate your ideas accordingly. However, students also tend to overdo using difficult words, which also tends to reflect badly.

Take a stance

Students often make the mistake of being too generic with their essays and don’t voice their opinions. This is something you should definitely not to. While your essay should not be too subjective, you can try incorporating your opinions in the conclusion.

Use analogies

In order to explain your arguments in a better way, you can always choose to use analogies. This is an effective way of putting the point forward, and also adds a creative twist to your essay.