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Who is the Baap of IPL?

Since its inaugural season in 2008, IPL has gained immense popularity throughout the years. In fact, though the IPL isn’t an International league, it is celebrated no less than that.  IPL is among the most followed domestic leagues in the world. People not only support their favorite IPL teams but they crazily worship them.

Over the years, IPL has hosted many cricket superstars from all over the world. And, some Indian players have shined through as well. But, who is the real number one? For whom can you call the Baap or the Godfather of IPL? Who can it be?

It must be someone with the highest figure of all and who’s part of the most successful team of the IPL. Plus, there are a bunch of other criteria as well. And based on that no one person can be the Baap of IPL. It has to be a few of them.

Below, we’ve enlisted the four Baaps of the IPL history. And also, we’ve mentioned who is the Real Godfather of IPL.  Let’s find out who they are.

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Shikhar Dhawan – Baap of Consistency

Talking about consistency, no other name will come into your mind except Shikhar Dhawan. He has been consistent in all charts from his regular participation in IPL leagues since the inaugural season to his consistent performance, no matter what team Dhawan has been playing for.

Shikhar has played for a bunch of IPL teams and had a successful record with almost all of them. This is unlike many other players who rose to their fame with a specific team. Dhawan is the Gabbar of IPL and is the second-highest run-getter in IPL history. This year, he had been a fortune for the Punjab Kings.

Jasprit Bumrah – Bowling Baap of cricket

Not only the batsmen but, the bowlers as well are now grabbing attention in the IPL league. However, it is a known fact that there are only a few IPL bowlers with remarkable performances. And Jasprit Bumrah is the Baap of all. His ability to attack the batsman with his whirlwind bowling can make any player step back.

So, no matter if it’s the Indian International team or the IPL team, MI, Jasprit is always the same, ‘Boom Boom Bumrah.’ He has been part of the MI team during all five of their IPL wins and has contributed a major part. Overall, Jasprit has taken 133 wickets in IPL with a strike rate of 18.86.

Rohit Sharma – Baap of IPL Team Captain

Over time, IPL has celebrated different successful players but only a few were able to be successful leaders as well. We believe it is easy to perform exceptionally as an individual. But, to lead your team exceptionally is a task only a few can accomplish. And Rohit Sharma is the Baap of leaders.

He is the captain of the most successful IPL team, MI. And MI has won their five IPL titles under his captaincy. Though, Sharma can handle the game single-handedly. But, his ability to structure the team’s performance is quite remarkable. He is known as the hitman of IPL and has scored over 5000 runs alone at a strike rate of 30.93.

Virat Kohli – IPL KA Baap of Batting and Run Machine

There’s no category where Virat Kohli has not enlisted himself. He is everywhere from the lowest to the highest. Virat holds the record for the highest run-getter in the IPL history and he also is the lowest run-getter of all. He has a huge fan following based on his love for fitness and his power-hitting performances.

Virat is the former captain of RCB _ the team with the highest fan following even after not winning a single IPL title. Majority love RCB for their strong batting line that includes Virat as their opening batsman. Virat never disappoints his fans and always sets a higher target for his team to follow. He is the king of batting with his 977 scores in a single season.

MS Dhoni – Baap (Godfather) of IPL

There’s no doubt that IPL is known for MS Dhoni. He is a power-pack of both incredible performance and leadership. Dhoni has been part of the IPL since its inaugural season in 2008 and he’s been a consistent member of CSK. Not only this, Dhoni has been the skipper of the CSK since 2008_ the longest leadership by any player.

However, fans have never witnessed inconsistency in his powerful performances and his incredible leadership. CSK has won 4 IPL titles to date, making them the strongest team in IPL history. They’re only a single title behind MI. All thanks to their “Thalla” Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He has a strike rate of 135.44 and fits all our criteria for the Godfather of IPL. And no list of the most powerful players is complete without him.

Year Score Average
2008 414 41.40
2009 332 41.50
2010 287 31.88
2011 392 43.55
2012 258 29.83
2013 461 41.90
2014 371 74.20
2015 372 31.00
2016 284 40.57
2017 290 26.36
2018 455 75.83
2019 416 83.20
2020 200 25.00
2021 114 16.28