Studying Medicine in Europe
Studying Medicine in Europe

As the semester for medical students unfolds classes must be attended, and work must be done. Some people take on this work and persist even if they hit all kinds of snags and problems; others don’t take on the medical work or lose their will when it gets rough. This, of course, applies to all aspects of life. This article is specifically for enthusiastic and passionate students like yourself who want to pursue their dream of becoming doctors and dentists. Studying medicine is a top choice and has always been since it’s one of the most respected and invaluable professions.

The crucial thing is seldom the speed at which a person learns medicine; it is his or her determination towards it – “I will learn.” When I decided to study medicine in Europe in English and eventually enrolled in a top medical university, I was astounded by the dedication that some people had. I saw people who generally did poorly in the medical course, but they kept persisting and studying hard and eventually, they succeeded. They were committed to the fullest and eventually became the best students. I have heard their names being called out and have seen them walking up to the commencement stage to get their degrees. Later on, they graduated as professional doctors and have made their dreams come true.

After all, I have come to feel that the single most important factor for survival and success in medical school isn’t a high IQ. Instead, it’s an inner commitment to doing medical work, the willpower to succeed and be the best. When the crunch of plain hard work that medical school requires comes, the medical student with commitment meets it head-on while the average one avoids it in a hundred different ways. Studying medicine has always been a top choice since it’s one of the oldest and most valuable professions.

Personally, when I first came to study medicine in one of the best medical universities in Europe, I had some problems with the language. I’ve studied it for as long as I can remember, but my skills sure needed refining.

This has led me to score average grades in the first semester. I then decided that this is not something that would stop me from pursuing and achieving my dream of becoming a doctor. I dedicated days and nights to improve my English, and in just three months I was speaking almost as good as a native. This was well recognized by my teachers and colleagues and has led me to achieve straight A’s in the summer semester. Having willpower, motivation, and ambition to succeed is probably the most important thing in being the best not only in medicine but in every field.

So, as a medical student, it is known that there is a tough path that needs to be walked through. In sum, if you as a student are determined enough to do the work and put the effort required, nothing will ever stop you. No matter how hard it is, no matter how many obstacles you face and even if the whole universe tries to stop, you will fight until your last breath just because you want to!

Think about your dream, your ambition; think about what really matters! You must always think about the result and your ultimate goal. If you do so, then you would feel that something unexplainable is pushing you towards the end of the path to get to the result. So, whenever you feel tired, bored or sick of studying, think about the day you’ll become a well-known doctor. If you think big, you get big!