CATIA V5 or Computer Aided Three dimensional Interactive application is a multi-platform software that is used in CAD(computer-aided design), CAM(computer-aided manufacturing), CAE(computer-aided engineering), PAM and 3D, developed by Dassault Systems. It enables users to design shapes in 3D sketching and visualization features. It is mostly useful for product manufacturing industries.

CATIA V5 is a higher grade application that allows smooth modeling that it becomes so easy to create more stable and flexible designs. The designs and models created with using this software are exhibited like sophisticated and professional than the traditional one in the very first look. Most of the engineers started using this from other tools.

CATIA is used in Hyundai, Volkswagen, Ford, Bentley, and Airbus. It is also used in various automotive, aeronautical and architectural designing companies. It reduces time and gives profitable results to the companies. With many advantageous features, it has attracted many engineers and designers finally stood as best among the most. If you are intending to work for such companies, you are in the right place. Here is the right platform and here is the right time to learn a more efficient course for every mechanical engineer who wants to settle down quickly in a great job.

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