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Many people dream of following a certain career path all of their lives whilst others have no idea what they want to work as. Even those who manage to achieve their dream career can change their mind and look for a change in direction and end up going back into training. One of the industries that are pulling in a lot of people in recent years is the tech industry.

In this article, we are going to tell you about five of the tech jobs that you might enjoy. Keep reading to hear what these are.

Games Designer

Games are extremely popular in 2019 and are set to get even better in 2020. With the improvements in technology, we can now play games with great features and feel as though we are inside of the games. There are a few different routes of game design that you can take which include games for consoles or even online slot games. A quick look at NetBet UK will show you the caliber of games that are now being produced. Make sure to consider this as a career.

Web Development

Have you ever thought about becoming a web developer? Websites are being created every single day and there are always new businesses willing to pay experts a lot of money to come up with something original. If you have any kind of tech skills then you might want to consider web development. Take a look at some training courses online and see if this could be for you.

Data Analyst

If you are skilled in managing numbers then you might find that you could be a great data analyst. Data analysts collect lots of different kinds of data and make sure that this data is used effectively by those who need it. This is often a job that people haven’t heard of but it can be quite a high paying job.

SEO Expert

Another great tech job that you might enjoy is an SEO expert. If you have never heard of SEO before then you should know that this is a kind of marketing trick that businesses are using to climb the rankings on google. SEO experts can make a lot of money by using their skills to adapt websites and ensure that their clients are happy with the results. SEO best practices are always changing so there is potential to get up to speed with the latest trends.

It Service Desk Help

The final tech job that we think you might enjoy is an IT service desk consultant. Many people are not very skilled when it comes to using computers and so need some help with making sure that everything goes to plan. A service desk consultant will usually come to the rescue of these people and it is something which isn’t’ too difficult to learn. Make sure to consider this role and you might just enjoy it.


There are always new job opportunities for those who are looking for something different to try. If you are on the hunt for a new role then you should make sure to try out some of the ideas that we have discussed in this article. Think about becoming a data analyst, trying out web development or even becoming an SEO expert. Some of these roles will require some training but they will be worth it in the end.