There are numerous reasons why some parents decide to home school their kids shunning the traditional system of public or private schools. Parents are homeschooling their children by themselves and hiring private tutors. However, before you decide to homeschool your kids make sure this is something you and your private tutors can handle, and whether your child is getting the education, he or she needs to succeed. If you’ve doubts, then don’t homeschool, there are always public and private schools.

Here is a list of five reasons to homeschool your child:

1. Bullying

Bullying is common in schools, and even things aren’t as bad like in the past, it’s still there. In this age of social media sites, texting, and cell phones, we now have cyber bullying, which has replaced the old face-to-face confrontations and has created even more bullies with bad attitudes. But, as the old-school bullying still exists, some kids aren’t safe in their schools. A bullied student can suffer academically and has to bear emotional scars and feel insecure throughout his or her life. So, if your kid is bullied in school and the school authorities failed to act on it, it’s best for your child to home school him or her.

2. Socialization

Most homeschooling critics argue that homeschooled children lack social skills. However, with all the class work and test, students are getting burdened with; socialization is very much scowled upon in schools. The situation is so worse the students aren’t allowed to socialize or fraternize, or even talk during lunch. School authorities think that if students talk during meals, they won’t eat! Besides, students aren’t allowed to talk to other students in their classes, and mobile devices and smartphones are banned too. You learn little to no socialization skills in schools.

How homeschooling affects a child
How homeschooling affects a child

3. Money

One of the main reasons parents decides to home school their kids is money. Let’s admit it; education has all become about money. More money is spent on feeding the students, more money to discipline the kids; more money is dedicated to standardized tests, and so on. The only reason the school cares if your child is absent or not is money. Students sometimes are absent so that they can work on their homework and test, so what wrong if a student misses school for a day or two? The thing is if a school has maximum attendance, it can receive more funding from the government. Plus then are all sorts of ridiculous fees like registration fees, athletic fees, lunch money and what not. Homeschooling your kids will save you from all these hassles.

4. Common Core

The primary purpose of the Common Core is to teach students to be alike and think alike, for a useless test. In fact, they are being taught not to think at all. Tests like ACT Test often discourage students to add their opinions or views, with no scope to develop for independent thinking and creativity.

5. Curriculum

The curriculum in schools across the US is being overhauled at astonishing rates, and in most cases, it will hurt the students than helping them. More schools are introducing Common Core, which will help the students schools exceed or at least meet their score on standardized tests. This takes away creativity and thinking ability away from the students and the teachers as well. For example, students are taught classic English literature like Shakespeare or Dickens, which has basically no use in today’s youth nor is it relatable to them.

Overall, today’s education system is teaching students compliance and how to be a factory worker, instead to helping them to be thinkers and enlightened individuals. If the latter is your mission, then perhaps, homeschooling is the best option for your children.

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