Want to get inspired by Jenny Craig success stories? Good for you. Glancing over the official website of Jenny Craig the question arises: how successful Jenny Craig diet is? There is so much information on the net regarding this meal program and the way it works, so a demand in the success stories of Jenny Craig diet appears. How to measure the success of the Jenny Craig diet and what the success rate of the Jenny Craig diet is? Let’s discuss it by looking in the top 3 real diet reviews of Jenny Craig:

1. “I decided to sign up for the Jenny Craig diet program after my friends and my mom successfully used it. I would like to admit that the company is full of positive people that cooperate perfectly. Thanks to Jenny Craig I have lost 50 pounds in a year. After that, my stepfather became ill, and I had to help him so that I stopped dieting, and therefore, gained extra 77 pounds. Now I am on the way of getting porcelain veneer implants so after I will finish I will stick to the program again because of my previous successful results. I really enjoyed the Chicken Alfredo, the Country Scramble, the Key Lime Pie and I also like the meatloaf. Now I follow another diet but want to turn back to the Jenny Craig diet because it is better. I expect to lose more weight at this time.” – Lisa of Houston, TX.

2. “I would like to leave my positive comment here because my experience with Jenny Craig was great. I really appreciate that the food is already cooked instead of me. This is because I am such a busy dudess! The only thing I need to do is to take the food out of the refrigerator, which I really like. The food tastes delicious to me. Also, I would like to share that the company takes into account all my individual health conditions and taste priorities. I feel really happy about the fact I selected this program. What is more, the people that work there are very nice. They can help in the vast majority of issues that might appear on the way (I know it because I tried it). However, sometimes the ladies in the local center are busy, but in general, I am satisfied with the service.” – Lisa of Bridgeport, CT

3. “I had tried to follow other diets and wondered whether Jenny Craig was effective. I have been using it for about five months. I can say that I am pleased with the level of counseling. I recommend it. For example, I like the weekly visits with the consultant. They are wonderful. They are worth spending your money on. My husband and I have lost a huge number of pounds with the help of Jenny Craig, even though I have some health restrictions. The overwhelming majority of the food was good. However, we expected to have more rapid results. We liked the baguette, the cheeseburger, the turkey and mashed potatoes, and the Salisbury steak. But some of the food we ordered was not really a quality one, so we had to take it back.”- Diana of Las Vegas, NV

As you may see that people like Jenny Craig, despite the fact there might be some downsides in food control by the company. There are those who cannot stand this food due to their medical conditions, though. So think twice and ask the doctor’s advice!