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The mobile app industry continues to transform businesses and markets around the world. As early as 2021, the entire market revenue for app development alone is expected to reach $693 billion. No wonder every industry wants to participate and get a piece of the action. But while the business is lucrative, it is a tough one to crack. In about 10,000 apps that get launched, only one will succeed, and the rest will fail or be put back to the drawing board.

Since the industry is ever-evolving, longevity may be hard to come by. For example, apps that were big this year may no longer be relevant next year. So if you are developing apps for your business, what strategies should you incorporate to guarantee success? Here is our take on the biggest mobile app trends that will define 2020.

Apps compatible with foldable devices

Mobile giant Samsung was the first to launch a product line featuring foldable devices that were supported by Google through its ‘foldable-friendly’ API. Many notable apps have also followed suit and optimized for these devices. Folding screens provide a larger space and highly immersive experience for the user. Online slots UK developers should, therefore, respond to this trend to make their apps more enjoyable for consumers. In the same way, streaming services will also likely redesign their apps to become compatible with foldable mobile devices.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Everyone went gaga over the app FaceApp because of how it used AI brilliantly. For the past several years, machine learning and AI are at the forefront of app technology. Features like face recognition are amongst the novel applications of AI. As the technology becomes more sophisticated, new innovative apps featuring AI and ML will likely launch in the coming years beginning 2020.

Chatbots are here to stay

Chatbots add value when you operate a service-related or eCommerce application. With the help of this feature, users have a better experience navigating the application. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of apps today use chatbots. But this is about to change because next year, it is predicted that at least 80% of apps available for download will have already incorporated the feature.

Integrating wearable technology

Another trend that is expected to continue growing is wearable technology. Since these devices aim to make everyday life more convenient for users, apps are likely going to jump in and take advantage of the demand.

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‘Smart’ mobile apps

The Internet of Things or IoT interconnects several gadgets controlled using a single mobile application. Google and Amazon have taken significant strides in embracing this technology. But this trend is only about to get more significant in the coming years as more industries begin to take notice. Imagine living in fully interconnected smart homes, driving a smart car, or supply logistics controlled via a single mobile device. Indeed the future is bright when it comes to the internet of things.

The coming year opens up new possibilities in mobile app technology. These examples are only a few of what you can expect in terms of the latest app innovations to grace Google Play and the App Store.