The present era hint at live streaming as a better platform to watch the news. You can draw an idea of how people’s priorities have changed by looking at the fact that there are 270 live news streaming services available in the United States only. A digital shift is being observed, which indicates that every other person is cutting the cord of their TV cable. But why is that so?

One might ponder over the question of why live streaming is a better option these days. If you are searching for an answer to this question, you have come to the right place. Here is a rundown of all the explanations that support the fact that live streaming is, indeed, a better option to watch the news.

Evolution Of TV

Live streaming is an extended part of TV cables, or it is the evolution of TV. The reason for such a profound impact of live news streaming on our daily lives is that it keeps us updated about the latest news anywhere we go. One can opt to listen to the report of a specific genre, without wasting hours. In simpler words, it gives control to a viewer over what type of content they wish to watch.

If we talk about TV, the viewer is not in control. They can’t choose what they want to watch because what’s broadcasted on the TV is for everyone in general. Besides, the content accessibility on TV is limited.

The best thing about streaming news live on the web is that the option of streaming live news is open for all; you are allowed to watch it on your phone at your office desk or on your way home. For example, you want to watch CNN live, all you have to do is look for a platform that offers CNN live streams and hit the option that says click here to watch CNN, and you have it! Along with this, most of the time, you are also given an option to record it and watch your news later.

High-Level Of Engagement

One can’t deny the fact that live streaming offers a high-level of engagement among users. For instance: If you are streaming live news on Facebook Live, you can post comments now and then, which are available live. Moreover, at times, a news reporter or host notices them and answers viewer questions and queries in real-time.

The advanced real-time interaction brings audiences closer, and thus starts a great channel of communication. The news host is also allowed to ask questions from the viewers, and you can answer them too. Once, the interaction grows, a sense of community created is associated with you.

Unbiased Reporting Of News

The live streaming of news allows genuine interaction between hosts and viewers. Thus, it brings a human element to it. In simpler words, when an anchor makes a mistake, or laugh about something insensitive, you can catch the expression in seconds. Additionally, when streaming live news, you can also notice if there is unbiased reporting by observing the facial expression of reporters. However, when it comes to TV, the news anchors seem stiff and emotionless. Thus, there is a lesser chance to catch unbiased reporting.

Expand The Reach Of News Channels

The streaming of live news channels favors live content, which helps you to subscribe to the channel more efficiently. Furthermore, when user streams live news, he/she will share it instantly on their social media platform if something important happens across the city or world. In turn, more and more people will get to know about happenings promptly.

Less In Cost

Live streaming is less in cost as compared to TV. Moreover, several news companies use live streaming as a part of their training process, so everyone is trained at the same time. Thus, it reduces the cost of a news organization. Other than this, when news channels opt to host a live event, it cuts the cost concerning security, travel, and lodging, etc. Additionally, it also saves time and money, and offer a free hand to expand your news channels.

The Growing Industry

Live streaming is a growing industry in the modern age. The market holds a significant worth of more than 30 billion dollars that is expected to elevate up to 70 billion dollars in 2021. Besides the statistics, the growth of live streaming can be observed at all the social media forums that have now come up with a live TV. Unarguably, it can be stated that the live streaming of news channels is here to stay in the longer run.

It’s undeniably true that live news streaming will soon be the new normal. It offers convenience that people today are most inclined to. so, if you have not tried streaming your favorite new channels live, we suggest you do it today and then you will know why people stick to live news streaming online for good!