In this 21st century, most of the companies are indulged in the cutthroat competition to take the reins of the market. Lead generation firms get approached as they can help in generating a large number of qualified leads within a short period of time. Leads can be generated by a number of ways that include calling, advertising, personal referrals, etc.

B2B & B2C are the two types of marketing. B2B (Business to Business) means when a transaction takes place between two businesses. On the other side, B2C (Business to Consumer) means when a deal takes place between company and consumers.

With the time, generating leads has become an arduous task for the marketers. In addition to this, it is said that generating B2B leads are far easier than generating B2C ones. However, this aspect is not correct as B2C leads can also be generated easily.

Are you after some fascinating tactics that can help in generating leads? Following pointers will make your life easier:

1. Make use of interesting content

Do you know what is the simplest and the most effective way to generate qualified B2C leads in a swift manner? The answer is ‘Interesting Content’.

With the time, the significance of the content has been increased more than ever and that’s the main reason why B2C lead generation companies always ensure that their marketers post some unique content.

Well, if you are thinking that posting irrelevant content can help the business, my friend you are wrong here. The main reason behind that is only engaging content drives the potential customers to company’s website where they can provide their contact information.

Of course, there is a high possibility that some prospects may not provide their contact information after visiting the website. But there is no need to worry as you can re-target the potential customers by posting the content, which reflects their needs and interests.

Here are some suggestions that will help B2C marketers to generate leads:

    • Post attention-grabbing content so that prospects come to company’s website.
    • Engage visitors to provide their contact information.
    • Leads should be nurtured on a personal level.
    • Promote social sharing to increase the chances of getting more leads.

2. Impressive website

After posting engaging content on different platforms, it is imperative to make company’s website impressive. Well, the main reason behind that is whenever potential customers find worthy content, they are more likely to visit company’s website to get their hands on more information.

Following tips will help B2C lead generation companies to make their website more impressive:

  • Prospects would stay longer on the website if a landing page is eye-catching.
  • Forms should contain only necessary fields that are really important for nurturing process.
  • If blog section represented a good source of information, more prospects will come.
  • Make effective SEO strategies to generate more traffic.
  • Add engaging CTA buttons to attract visitors to click.

All in all, an impressive website can do the trick while generating qualified B2C leads in a swift manner. So, it would not be wrong to say that website is a lead generation tool in itself.

3. Facebook marketing

Do you know why most of the marketers love to use Facebook’s platform to generate leads? Any guesses? Well, the answer is ‘1.45 billion daily active users’. Another aspect that makes Facebook more preferable is this social networking site helps in generating qualified leads in a quicker manner as compared to other marketing strategies.

Here are three major benefits of using Facebook as lead generation tool:

  • High ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Helps in capturing a large number of qualified leads.
  • High lead conversion rate.

The aspect that will light up your eyes is that Facebook can be used in two ways: ‘On-page’ and ‘Off-page’. On-page means leads can be captured within Facebook itself with the help of lead generation ads. On the other hand, off-page means prospects can be redirected to the landing page by using Facebook ads and where they will be converted into the leads. Well, both the strategies may sound similar but they are totally different from each other.

4. Generate leads via Instagram

Don’t be surprised as Instagram can be used to generate leads. Well, the primary reason behind that is Facebook has had launched the feature of lead generation ads for Instagram also. There was a time when ad format was only limited to the Facebook. But now marketers can use both Facebook and Instagram to generate leads.

Instagram is a photo & video sharing social networking site and that means it is totally different from the Facebook’s one. This aspect tells that the audiences of both Instagram and Facebook are also different from each other. Therefore, it is imperative for the B2C lead generation companies to give equal importance to Instagram as they do to Facebook.

Moreover, Instagram has more than 500 million daily active users and this factor cannot be ignored from the business point of view. To generate a good number of leads, it is significant to run a marketing campaign exclusively on Instagram to grab the attention of millennial customers towards the business.

5. Personalised emails

Being an owner of a lead generation company, it is very important for you to instruct your marketing team to send personalized emails to the prospects. Sometimes marketers send the same boring and irrelevant emails to potential customers, which, in turn, leads to poor lead conversion rate.

Therefore, it is very necessary to personalize emails to move prospects down in the marketing funnel. Here are few tips that can help the marketers in sending engaging emails:

  • Content should be written in a simple language.
  • Add high-quality images related to the products.
  • Highlight all the crucial points so that prospects don’t miss any important info.
  • CTA buttons should be placed properly.
  • Make subject lines entrancing.

Wrapping up:

With the time, it is imperative to generate leads because this is the only way to ensure the business’s ongoing success. In this blog, we have discussed some fascinating tactics that will surely help the lead generation companies in generating a large number of B2C leads. We hope that you understood all the aforementioned tips. For further query, reach us in the comment section.